Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday, May 12th (picture a day)

OK, well, I didn't want all the pictures from the picture a day project to star a little gal I like to call ME but I DID want to show you this hat.... [inner struggle ensues]. The hat won. :) But also a couple others for your enjoyment.

Here ya go friends!

And old friend from Greenville College, Megan Burt (right) stayed overnight at my apartment with her friend Laura. It was terrific to see them and spend a little bit of time together! (Also, they joined me and a couple friends for the Amazing Race finale!)

On Tuesdays I have class till 7. The shuttles stop at 6, so I have to walk home through campus (its a bummer because I have small group across town at 7:30, but also not a bummer because look at this vista!).

 And finally, my new hat! I love this hat - it makes me feel cute and cool and keeps my head warm. I'm bringing it with me on my trip to the UK this June - so watch out British/Scottish/Irish men! LOL.


The Bullards said...

1. I'm sad I don't watch the Amazing Race anymore. I wonder if Collin can get the most recent season with his super secret skills...
2. The walk home looks lovely. Mostly the sunshine looks heavenly! Please bring it with you when you come next month!
3. Super cute hat. Love it.