Thursday, May 27, 2010

If "Weird Al" can do it........ (POTD 5/27)

Only in Los Angeles, Friends. I would have taken pictures of the 12 different celebrities who were immortalized for serving Jury Duty in the LA Superior Court (including Jaime Lee Curtis and Harrison Ford) but there were signs everywhere saying that photography was verboten (as they say in Germany) unless you had permission granted by the presiding judge.

I did not have permission.

But its "Weird Al" Yankovic. You can't NOT take a picture of Al when you have a chance.

This week was my rescheduled jury duty. There wasn't a great time to reschedule it, so I just picked this week and hope that it turned out OK.

I was 0 for 3 people. Sunday I called in... "You do not have to report for Monday." Monday I called in "You do not have to report for Tuesday." and the same on Tuesday, for Wednesday. So it was with trepidation that I called on Wednesday evening..... only to confirm that yes, indeed, I had to report for jury duty at 9:30am on Thursday.

I brought my school work and tried really hard to stay focused. I got some work done while also waiting anxiously for my name to be called (or rather for my name to NOT be called).

At 3pm, the jury ladies came on the loudspeaker: "I will be calling names, please respond with a loud "Yes" when you hear your name." A loud groan goes up from the crowd of jurors who thought that that had made it safely to the end of Jury Day. She named about 10 people (all of whom said "Yes" loudly) and made those individuals report to a courtroom.

The rest of us waited in trepidation.

I could hardly imagine what Weird Al, Jaime, or Harrison would have been thinking at that moment.

A voice on the loudspeaker...

"Thank you for your service today. All trials scheduled for today have been settled without a jury."


I packed up my stuff and headed home - where I spent the rest of the evening figuring out how to get my computer to show up on my Digital TV. After about 3 hours (yes, I know, crazy) I got it all working and was able to watch things from my Netflix Instant account on my TV!! I thought that was the most awesome thing ever.

(oh, and p.s., we find out our results tomorrow morning! POTD to come!)