Thursday, May 13, 2010

Preview: New Apartment (photo of the day 5/13)

Hello friends! Last night I met with an older gentleman named "Ed" (who shall henceforth be called "Old Ed" in a charming sort of way) who is the owner/manager of an apartment building in West LA.

Ed is now also MY landlord! Yes, friends, its true and soooo exciting.... I am now the official renter of a one-bedroom apartment. If you look back on the "tiffslife" website, you can find pics from my current (studio) apartment; which I like to call "world's smallest apartment." While knowing that this moniker is blatantly untrue, we all can agree that 385 square feet is indeed little and more importantly, I have felt constrained by the size of my apartment.

I love to entertain. I mean, I LOVE it. I LURVE it. And in my current apartment, entertaining was limited to occasional visits by one or two people (and at two it started to fill up) and one time, last weekend actually, I hosted 4 people but that was an exception as it was the Amazing Race finale and Megan and her friend Laura were visiting... so.... well, you understand. It was packed with that many people but in my old life, I liked to have a LOT of people over. Like the whole leadership team of the football program sometimes. So not only could I not have people over, but also my bed was 3 feet from the ceiling and my kitchen appliances were Barbie-sized.

I'm not complaining. I loved my apartment for what it was and it has served me well.

But people...........

I am so excited about this new apartment.

So yesterday, I met Ed to sign the papers. And today I set up electricity and gas.

The apartment wasn't all cleaned up yet, so I didn't want to take pics (I'll do that next Friday when I get the keys)....

But I did take a picture of this:

Mmmhmmmm. Yes. You are correct.... THAT IS MY BALCONY!!! One of my neighbors has a little barbeque, so that is exciting, because maybe I could have one, too! And at the very least, I can put some flowers in the flower box, and plants and a couple chairs and have a place to sit outside and enjoy LA summer.

Yay! Can't wait to show you pics from the inside. But here are some of the highlights:
* a big living room!
* a LOT of closet/storage space
* full-size appliances including a dishwasher!
* did I mention the bedroom that has a DOOR?!? LOL.

See you tomorrow!


The Bullards said...

Can't wait to see pics of the inside! Love the balcony... it's definitely a nice addition. Will you have to buy much to furnish it since it's a bigger space? Hooray a bigger place!!

Carrie said...

Yay! I can't wait for pictures of the inside! :)