Monday, May 17, 2010

Turning in the Exam! (POTD: 5/16/10)

Hello friends!! I'm super excited to post today's "Picture(s) of the Day"! Here I am handing off my exam to Chris in the Office of Student Services. I was trying to make a nervous face, but I just ended up looking weirdly excited. But if the truth be told, I am both nervous and excited. I think I passed. Well, I think that in one minute and in the next I think I didn't.... But hopefully I did. I should find out the results in the next two weeks. In the meantime, I have a TON of work to do to finish up for this quarter, and an hour-long juror orientation to complete this week (seriously, Los Angeles?!?), so I figure that will help take my mind off the expectant waiting.

The bottom two pics are me with two of my cohort-mates, Chiara (top pic) and Dave (bottom pic). We were all super excited to have completed this hurdle and pretty proud of ourselves, too. The three of us, plus our other quals taking friend, Chelsea, and Chiara's boyfriend, Danny, went to lunch together to celebrate at a local Indian restaurant (with an awesome lunch buffet) and then Chelsea and I met up with our friend Sylvia for dinner at my favorite little Sushi restaurant, where we had a giant celebration feast. Seriously it was awesome (see pic at very bottom).


Alexis Cruikshank said...

Yippie! Congratulations on completing such a big step in the PhD process. I will be praying that you pass. Our students have quals next week and tension is high! -A.