Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picture of the Day (5-16): My walk around campus.

Yesterday, after writing for what felt like a long time, but when added up probably only actually was like 84 minutes of solid work, I was getting kind of stir crazy. I don't usually work on Saturday afternoons, I take a homework Sabbath from Saturday afternon till Sunday after church (and sometimes longer, lets be honest).

The point being that I was stir crazy and decided to take a walk around the perimeter of UCLA. This is one thing I'll miss when I move next month. I love the 3-4 mile walk around the outside of campus. It is hilly, so its a good workout, there are generally people walking and running so its not too creepy (mostly), and I get to see little parts of campus I really like, like this cool old tree near Royce Blvd (not included in the picture).

So yesterday I set out on my 3+-ish mile walk (which, because of all the hills, takes about an hour) and since it was the last couple days of "I heart UCLA" week, I thought I would take some photos as I went.

I had some good spiritual epiphanies, like how my life seems like a constant slow uphill (see photo) when I not-so-secretly desire it to be all downhill (see photo). How much walking a trail path reminds me of lessons I learned from "Hinds Feet in High Places", like not being able to see where the trail is taking you next. I learned that when I follow my gut instinct, I end up having some pretty fun experiences - for example, I decided to cut through campus to see what the white tents that I had spied earlier were about. Turned out it was "Alumni Day" and I ended up running into the Bruin Bear mascots and getting pictures taken. So fun!

Well, that's all the narration I have for you now. Enjoy the collage and praise God with me that I go to a beautiful school, located in a beautiful place - even if it is in one of the biggest cities in the world.