Monday, May 24, 2010

Noise. (POTD 5/23)

The POTD project has not allowed me much time to wax philosophical. Frankly, the reason I started the project was that I didn't have a lot of time this month to write long posts. But I saw this sign and had a funny reason for taking the photo, but then also realized that there is a good metaphor that is super applicable to my life.

So first, I took this photo because my downstairs neighbor is all the time playing music and even though he only has 400 square feet (like me), he has SURROUND SOUND, including a subwoofer. This means that the bass is always coming up through my floor, and I am constantly emailing him to turn it down. I will NOT miss that part of my living situation when I move in two weeks.

The other day, I realized, however, that there was a LOT of noise going on..... in my head. I was hearing a lot of negative self-talk, hearing words of worry, and feeling overwhelmed. I feel like the Lord must have been speaking at at that moment I realized what was going through my head, I also flashed on this sign. "Noise Ordinance Enforced."

It reminded me that I have to actively resist the noise of the world saying I'm not ready (to take my exam), not prepared (to write these final two papers), not pretty or thin enough (to do anything), not not not not not. But resisting the noise is not enough, I must also remember the words of scripture which tell me that I am capable of all things through Christ who gives me strength, that I am wonderfully made, and that the Lord is calling me and appointing me to do good works (which he has prepared in advance for me to do).

I think some of y'all have been experiencing the same things I have, so I hope that this post serves as an encouragement to you to resist the noise of the enemy and grab hold of the truth of God.