Sunday, April 19, 2009

Elizabeth Bennet

Well, my friend Liz posted this online Jane Austen heroine quiz. I love Austen's writing and her heroines, so I thought I should take it quickly.

The problem being that this summer I read 5 of Austen's 6 novels, last week rewatched Sense and Sensability and just last night watched the movie version of Persuasion, so the Austen stories are very close in my mind...

So as I took the quiz, I kind of knew which heroine was which - but was still trying to answer honestly. In the end, I came out as Elizabeth Bennet, which may not be that far off - but in reality, I am probably some combination of Elizabeth Bennet, Elinor Dashwood and Anne Elliot... depending on the moment.

Anyway, you may enjoy the quiz - it only takes a few minutes. :) Then let me know who you "are"!

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In the First Person

This summer, I was asked to provide a short blurb for "The Baylor Impact" ~ which is the magazine for the Baylor School of Education. It came out this week.

If you are interested, click the link below.

Various Updates

Yes friends, I did not get to post a Friday fun last week - sorry about that. In lieu of a Friday fun from last week, here are some pictures of my recent trip to San Antonio!

I traveled to San Antonio on Thursday morning (arrived in SA around 4) and had a GREAT weekend with the Fergasons. It was delightful to just sit in the house, relax, play with kids, laugh and enjoy their antics, hang out with Karen and John, Dorothy and Nick, and to get to visit with Sarah and Myles (who came down for the weekend).

I didn't do any homework all weekend (which in hindsight was a mistake, probably) and instead was able to be fully present. Though I am totally stressed out about school, it was totally worth it to spend a few days with some of my favorite people. Enjoy the pics!

Me, Sarah, and Myles enjoying Easter festivities. The weather was fantastic - we woke up early and it was pouring rain, but it cleared up and was sunny, breezy, and warm. We were able to eat and relax outside. Sarah and I teared up (of course) when she and Myles had to leave. It was really special to be able to spend some time with them before they get married in June!

Little Drexel is so grown up now! In the Fergason house, you can tell when the little ones have grown up because they start using tools. :) Also, he talks up a storm now and is obsessed with "Clone Wars." He is quite a character and totally uniquely himself, but also takes after both Jared and Ryan.

The four oldest kids. Ryan will be 11 this fall (!), Andilin is turning 9 this summer, and Jared will be 7 next month - that is crazy to me - I have known them since Ryan was 2 and Andi was a baby! Now Drexel is 2 1/2. I love this picture - how cute are these kiddos?! (Two of them are wearing LA t-shirts i gave them, as pajamas; one is wearing star wars pajamas, the other came out in his pajamas and said, "Hey! Spider Man!")

Right when I arrived and was getting settled, we took some pictures. We tried to get all three of the older kids and me a couple times. This one makes me laugh because we had just said, "Ryan, scrunch down a little bit more." And instead he stood up really tall - which he thought was hilarious. And frankly, I think its pretty funny, too.

The newest Fergason - baby Brooklin Dorothy. She is about 3 months old here, but is still really tiny. She is so small and has such a lot of hair that makes little cute pointy bangs around her face that they call her Pixie. (Drexel calls her "Brookie" - so cute) It was awesome to be able to sit with her for moments at a time and just watch her face. She has a great smile! I love her with my whole heart already.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Fun (VIII) - Double Shot for Dad's 60th! (and a mini-update)

Happy Friday everyone! I'm in Phoenix this weekend with my family, and some of my dad's family (three sisters and a brother-in-law). I was a surprise guest for the weekend - my dad's two youngest sisters paid for my flight to come out for the weekend. Yesterday, I went to a baseball game with all of them and my mom (my dad didn't know I was in town yet) - it was so fun to see the Mariners play and get a suntan while I was at it! ALSO - I got to see Ken Griffey Jr play again in an M's jersey and it was great! The final score: M's 18, Padres 3! WOOHOO!

Then, last night we all met up for dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in town (Macayo) and I surprised my dad by approaching the table as a waitress. "Hi, I'm Tiffani and I'll be your waitress tonight. Would anyone like anything to drink?" My dad looked over and was about to say, "My daughter's name is Tiffani" to the waitress... when he realized it was me! :) It was a fun surprise and a really fun evening.

I've been doing homework nonstop (mostly) today and at 5 am stopping to let the b-day festivities continue. We are having everyone over for a BBQ on the patio and some hilarious birthday shenanigans that my aunts have cooked up.

In honor of my dad's upcoming 60th bday, I decided to post TWO fun friday videos today!

The first is one I just discovered today - but since I love 1) public dancing, 2) the sound of music, and 3) coordinated dance numbers - this was a perfect one to post. Also, my dad and his family (and my family ) all love musicals, so in honor of the Riggers clan.... enjoy.

The second video is an oldie (from last year) but a goodie and is a video of over 200 improv actors all freezing in place at the same time one day in Grand Central Station, NY. Its a pretty cool prank!