Sunday, June 29, 2008

Latest projects

Here are some photos of my latest craft/sewing projects. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, because during the school year I don't really get to do anything like it. I've also been reading a lot. I've read John Adams, My Antonia (by Willa Cather), and a few Nora Roberts romances. I'm thinking about reading A Tale of Two Cities next, but we'll see.

This pic is of three little aprons that I made for one of the families I nanny for. I tried to get the pic to be rotated correctly, but its too late and I'm too tired to now delete it and rerotate it. Anyway, I made these little craft aprons with princesses on them, and then the girls got to paint them and personalize them. The two girls I really babysit (2 yr old Lauren and 4 yr old Olivia) really loved them. The older sister (10 yr old Ali) is NOT into princesses, it turns out. She painted hers fully - covered the princesses completely in red paint. Hilarious. She is apparently into dogs. Thankfully the mom reimbursed me for all the materials, so I felt totally OK about all of them painting them however they wanted!

My mom and I were in Joanne Fabrics and she saw this cute material for a sun dress that is already elasticized. I had noted it before, but wasn't sure if it would look OK on me (that style is sort of hit or miss). So she convinced me that I should give it a try, and this fabric was pretty cute, AND it was 50% off, so the whole thing only cost me $9!! :) I had her pin it on me, I sewed it up and it was ready to wear in 10 minutes. I actually wore it to church today with a little white short sleeve top underneath.

These two aprons (above and below this caption) are where I've been spending most of my time. The pattern is a Simplicity pattern that I got for $1 during a really good sale. I love aprons, but I hate things that go around my neck, so I'm always looking for a good smock-style apron. Well, they are hard to find, and expensive, so I decided that for fun it would be cool to make my mom and I matching aprons. I wasn't going to make them matching, but was trying to save money by just having them cut one really long amount of fabric... long story short, I didn't get the discount I expected, so I could have given us different patterns. :( However, my mom is really excited to have matching ones, and they are both unique, so its neat. Hers is the one above, with the white binding and blue ruffle. Mine is below, and has blue binding and a white ruffle. They each have a little pocket, and mom's is blue with a white scalloped part in front. Mine is blue and patterned, with a coordinating ruffle. We are very excited about them!!
(you can't see on mine, but the top of the pocket, above the ruffle, is the matching daisy pattern, so the pocket is still nice and deep, but we didn't want the blue to be overwhelming by having the entire pocket in blue.)
Here's my mom, modeling her new apron. I told her I wanted to take a picture and she said, "Hold on!" and went and grabbed some props! She is holding a measuring cup and a spatula and has her reading glasses on. Isn't she adorable!

Next up, I'm making a few quilt squares from a kit and I'll see how I like doing it. More important than crafting this week... is cleaning. I need to spend some time this week on my bedroom, getting it back together and organized!

Make it a great week! (I'll write soon with a post about a "Friendship Workout!")

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quickie: The Friends God Sends

The name of the bible study we are doing at church is called "The Friends God Sends" click on the title there and you will go to to where you could buy the study if you were interested.

Our women's ministry director, Jennine, has really personalized all the reading part of the book to be about her experiences (since she is leading the study and reading it to us), and then we work together at tables to fill in the blanks (or on our own).

Anyway, one of you asked me if it was a book or some kind of study. Its hard for us to tell, because they give us each week's lesson when we arrive, and it just goes in our binder. But when I searched, this appears to be the study. Its by Beth Jones, who started a church with her husband in Kalamazoo.

Enjoy - the study is only $8 plus shipping.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ten Most Wanted Friends (part two)

Last week I posted about the first five of the "ten most wanted friends" that we talked about in my church summer bible study.

Today I'm taking a few minutes to discuss the final five friends. My family and I just finished playing a game of Settlers of Catan, and later we'll watch the Mole. I'm pretty over the Mole, I've decided. I liked Celebrity Mole a lot better, ultimately, and this one doesn't measure up. So I figure I'll blog during the show. :)

I'm also working on a few craft projects which I will photograph and post later this week. I nannied all day today - from about 9 - 4. Yikes. I got home and was exhausted. We'll see if I survive the summer. I'm nannying tomorrow and Wed from 8:30 - 12:30, and cleaning a house on Thursday. Friday is my "day off" but I have a whole list of things to do here at home, so its really only a day off of cleaning other people's houses or watching kids. On the bright side, I'm earning money. That is the good part!

OK, down to business.
#6) Miss Double Dip in Waffle Cone: Friends that are Generous
This is the friend who give fully of their time, money, effort, emotions, and self. Friends who surprise you with their generosity, who give gifts because they think that way automatically.
There are three women in my life who fit this category beautifully. These women are all older than me. I know I have a few women in my life who are good gift givers, but these women have demonstrated to me constantly how to use my money to bless other people, and so I'm going to give them a shout out here.
The first is Verla (mentioned her earlier, but she deserves this one, too). Verla was not only my teaching leader for four years, but was also my first ever official mentor. We used to meet at Shari's in Kent, Wa for breakfast - EVERY SUNDAY before church, for over a year. Every Sunday she would listen to me talk, share in my joy and pain, offer me simple and profound words of wisdom, and then pick up the check. Since then, inevitably, when I come to visit Seattle and we get together for a meal, she treats me to a delightful meal (either as a birthday present at somewhere really nice or back at one of our old breakfast haunts) and its not even a question. She is paying for me. She also sends little gifts on occasion and they are always classy and simple. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
The next two are a mother/daughter pair: Dorothy and Karen. The generous nature of these women is best described by stories. But I'll start by saying that they are both constantly praying for the Lord to provide them opportunities to bless people with their money and constantly on the lookout to know how to give generously. When I was about to move to Illinois, I decided to get my car checked out. I went to Karen's husband's mechanic, who was a good guy and trustworthy. Dorothy and her husband were in town at the time. They called to tell me how much the repair would cost ($600+) and I gave them the go ahead, because I needed a working car, but I wasn't sure how I would pay for it. I just prayed and remembered Psalm 23. Dorothy came with me to pick up my car, so she could drive Karen's car back... and on the way told me that she and Nick were paying for the repair as a gift to me. WOW. I was blown away by their generousity and the Lord's provision. They have continued to be shockingly generous to me, constantly making me in awe of God's faithful provision. Karen and her husband are likewise constantly generous to me, but one thing that has blessed me a ton is Karen's willingness to pay for my groceries. When I visit them, I often go to the grocery store for her - and she just says, "pick up whatever you need for your house, too" and gives me her debit card. This is a minor example compared to some of the ways they have been generous to me (i.e. flying me to visit them, etc), but it has always meant a lot to know that it was one less worry for me in my monthly bill.

#7) Miss Salt-Scrub Exfoliate: Friends that Tell You the Truth
Ever used that salt scrub that is like a super good cleanser but afterward your hands feel clean, smooth AND supple? This friend is like that, the truth comes at you - and it may be a little abrasive at first, but afterward you realize these friends have sharpened us and also made us more like who we were supposed to be in the first place.
Karen is another friend like this. We used to laugh because she was "Truth" and I was "Grace" - I am much more balanced when I'm not with her, but when we are together, these are our roles. She is not too harsh in bringing truth anymore, though there were times in the past when she was more salty than oily (you know those scrubs have just the right balance of both). Ultimately, she is the woman I call when I need someone to kick my rear, and I'm glad to have her.
Another friend like this is Liz. Liz is a friend from Greenville, who is not afraid to be clear about what she believes. I love that I can spend time with Liz and she is going to be honest with me about her life, and that I can be honest with her about mine - and that together we can tell each other the truth about what we are hearing regarding the other.
This type of friend is super important to me, and for those who are in the "inner circle" of my life, I am grateful for their willingness to be gently confrontational (there are two of you in mind, you know who you are) but their simultaneous willingness to listen; and I'm glad they care enough to be honest, and to pray honestly for me.

#8)Miss Cosmetic Bag: Friends who Cover and Forgive
This friend is the wone who is grace exemplified in all their actions. They love you and they know that you are human, and they don't hold it against you!
I think about two friends named Kristen, here. One of them is one of the truth friends - she will always tell me when I've done something to offend her or hurt her feelings. But she is also someone who has forgiven me every time. Our friendship is deep largely because of her willingness to cover and forgive.
As I think about her, I also think about another Kristen, who is a woman who is always trying to be better at forgiveness than she was the day before. When I am with her, I feel covered constantly, and in that relationship, I know I am always safe.

#9) Miss Outdoor Cafe: Friends that Share your Love for God
These are the women with whom you just want to get together and talk God talk. You can't wait to tell them what God is doing in your life, hear what God is doing in theirs, and pray together about all of it.
I mentioned her in the first category, but the friend who came to mind first was Bethany. B and I share a love and joy of Christ. We have often sat in outdoor cafes and talked at length about what God is doing in our lives and communities.
Maura is another one like this. I am always so encouraged and challenged by her as she and I talk about God's faithfulness. She is a woman I mentored who is such a beautifully grown flower that I constantly learn more from here than I ever teach her.
I have enjoyed this with Candice as well. Especially during some hard times in both of our lives, it was great to be able to share together in our faith and know that it was our love of God which bonded us and helped us through.

#10) Miss Post-It Note: Friends who Stick With You
These are the friends that stick with you through any circumstances, across states and life stages, who will be with you forever. I'll just name a few of these friends from each of my past lives... (again, not exhaustive, there are way too many women in each of these places that I keep up with through blogs or email, or who I would visit if I were near them!)
College: Anners, Jules, Barb, Liz
Seattle: Larina, Erin, Amy Jo, Kristen, Jenny, Alexis, Lori, Karen, Verla, My aunts!
Greenville: Jenn, Maura, Liz, Laura, Sue, Bethany
Waco: Jessica, Sarah, Becky, Katie x2, Mel, Kristen, Kathryn, Candice

Friends. Thanks for everything.

There are a ton of bible verses for these ten types of friends. I can't put them all in here, but type in "friend" in the bible gateway box to the right and it will return 172 results - many of them with advice on how to be a great friend.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crafts for Kids

As part of my new job - Semi-Super Nanny, I am going to be spending about 15 hours a week with kids aged newborn to about 5. After just a quick time to think and brainstorm, here are some of the activities and crafts I've come up with. If you have any other activities or crafts that you or your kids love, will you please comment and suggest them for me? If they are crafts, please also include a list of materials (and instructions if necessary). I would love your ideas!

Hide and Seek
Games (i.e. War, etc)
Dress Up/Role Play
Easy cooking (no bakes maybe?)

Craft ideas:
Aprons (making our own craft aprons)
Paper sack puppets
tissue paper portraits
Painted mirror frames
Nature book or box
Peanut butter playdoh

Remember - its over 110 degrees here lately, so outdoor activities are basically limited to walking to the pool, and swimmin, but I'll take any other ideas. :)


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New template already

I decided that even though I liked the dandelion background, it was too hard to see pics. I hope you like this one better! I also figured how to make my main section and the sidebar WIDER! I was so excited to get into the HTML and have it work - whoooo hooo! :)

What do I do all day?

Well, I thought I should do a mini photo retrospective of what I do and where I do it. :) So that people can put me in my context. This is especially for my friend Anne. I'm not sure if she's reading my blog, but its helpful for her to have an idea of where I'm sitting, or what my room looks like.

In the morning, I get up early (6:30-ish am) and go in the pool to work out. My mom joins me (except right now she has a bum knee so its harder to get in and out of the pool) and we chat while swimming and walking around the pool. Its not bearobics, but its nice, cool, and pretty, and its better than nothing. :)

I often sit out on the patio and read for a little while after swimming, to dry off and enjoy the cooler weather with a cup of coffee. Its about 82 degrees when we go outside right now at 6:30am, so its nice to relax outside before it gets up into the 90's and 100's. I recently finished John Adams, the biography by David McCullough. It was EXCELLENT! I am about to start "My Antonia" by Willa Cather.

After outside time, I sometimes head into my room to sew, watch TV, play on the computer, or just rest. My room is nice and cool and its best to go in there from about 2-4, when the skylights in the living room make the room almost too hot to sit in. Its nice to have a table where I can set up my sewing machine, and in the picture of my bed, you can see four small pillows - I made the pillow covers after I found the fabric in the colors I wanted my bedroom area of my studio apartment to be. Later my mom and I found the fantastic duvet cover (that matches perfectly) at Anna's Linens for just $20! (including shams).

When we are all in the living room, and even when its just me, I often sit in the "King's chair" - we call it that because technically its my dad's chair (and my mom's chair we call the Queen's chair because its overstuffed and luxurious). Dad sits on the reclining loveseat with mom, most days, and my brother in the Queen's chair, so I was relegated to the brown chair, but even though it needs breaking in (and I am doing by best this summer to do it!), I like sitting there. Its comfortable to recline and type, has a lamp and end table next to it, and is out of the way of the fan my parents turn on at night to blow on them (I hate air blowing on me!).

Finally, here is the dining room table. Yes, its a dining room table, in our dining nook, but mostly its a game table for my family. This is where the (almost daily) "Smackdown" takes place. Usually its Settlers of Catan, and the board is always set up and ready to play. We each have our seats. I sit in a chair with arms, in the back corner - because I'm the littlest, and so can get in and out easier than anyone else from that place. I have been winning much more than I expected recently, so that is fun. I said I wanted to have a tally of games won on the fridge, but it only got a 50% vote, so I guess that is out.

Anyway, I also have a babysitting and housekeeping business and starting next week will work about 15 hours a week as a babysitter for two families, helping with the kids - nanny-like, while they do other stuff around the house. It will be nice to get out of the house here a little bit, and earn some spending money.

That's it for today, friends, make it a great day!

The Ten MostWanted Friends (part one)

I'm in a summer bible study called "The Friends God Sends." We meet together once a week in the fellowship hall of my parent's church: La Casa De Cristo Lutheran (ELCA), learn about the friends God sends into our lives, and discuss those individuals in our lives that are those friends.

I thought that for a few days I would blog about the different things we are learning, and pay tribute to some of the heart-friends that God has given me through the years. I am an ENFP - so for those of you who know Myers-Briggs, you know that that means that I am an extrovert who loves to be with people all the time, interacting and sharing experiences. This also means that I have a lot of "friends" - people I love to hang and have fun with. However, deeper friendships are more rare for me - I am more likely to be someone elses good friend than to have that person be my close friend.

So generally (because I move a lot) I have one or two good friends in every place I live. Most of those women (and sometimes men) remain friends for a few reasons:
1) they are low maintenance friendships - we talk when we can, we don't worry when we don't talk regularly
2) when we get back together its like we haven't been apart

Anyhow,the first week of bible study was on the "Ten Most Wanted Friends." I thought I'd take a few days and share what these friends are, and who some of them are in my life.

** Notice: if you do not get mentioned in one of these descriptions, please don't take it personally, I'm just going with the people who came to mind first during the study**

#1) Miss Aromatherapy: Friends that Refresh our Souls
This woman gives off a 'fragrance' that is sweet, refreshing, wholesome, and which draws us nearer to Christ.

I thought of my friend, Sue (who fits a lot of these categories). Some of you know her. She is a delight to talk to, interested in others, and willing to be vulnerable. She is a woman of prayer who has taught me much of what I know about supplication and being obedient to follow God into inconvenient prayer (i.e. getting up at 6am to prayer walk round the church). She strives to represent Christ through her words and deeds.
I also thought of my friend, Bethany. Bethany and I met at Greenville, but now she lives in Tacoma. She is so delightful and so filled with joy upon reconnecting, that you cannot help but be filled with joy, too. She is honest and open, has a tremendous heart for God, and is unwilling to sit back and let people be less than they can be. Bethany sees beauty all over the world and lately has been constantly capturing it on her camera (check her out at :

#2) Miss Lip Balm: Friends that Pray
These friends are some of the most valuable friends to have. They not only can teach you how to pray, but they spur you onto prayer, and will constantly lift you up.
Sue is again, one of these friends for me, but since I already mentioned her (and will do so again), I'll note another friend instead.
Verla is a mentor of mine. She is also a friend, and a woman who prays with her whole heart. She is (one of) the teaching leader(s) of the Young Adults Bible Study Fellowship class in Seattle, and was the woman who recruited me to be a discussion group leader. When she interviewed me, she mentioned that she loves to hear her women pray during group prayer time. I didn't really even know how to pray out loud! But through her example of listening to prayer requests and praying for them, I learned how to pray. And she has often prayed for me and for my needs. She is a woman who "gets" the importance of prayer and utilizes it constantly.

#3)Miss Perfect Bra: Friends that Lift You Up
These are the friends who help you during hard times, who are part of your support system, who cheer you up when you are down, and who celebrate with you when you are up. These are friends who truly understand that "a kind word does the heart good."
I am really blessed to have a number of friends like this. First of all, I have a prayer support group - made up mostly of women - that have prayed for me since I moved away from Seattle. I add a person to it occasionally from my newer locales. I have often received special replies from these friends - encouraging words, breath prayer responses, wisdom from their experiences. I am grateful for these 20-ish people who love me by praying for me.
Laura is a friend who is like this specifically. Laura is a friend from Greenville, who I met when they were first looking for a house in Gville. We were instant friends. Through the last four years, she has been a women who has used her words well to love and cherish me, and I'm proud to count her my dear friend (and her husband, too). She empathizes with me in my struggles, cheers me in my successes, and even thinks about me when I'm not there (she is always looking for my future husband, for which I thank her).

#4) Miss Chocolate Candy: Friends that Comfort
These are friends who come to you when you are down to bring you comfort. When these people leave you, you feel refreshed, even though circumstances may not have changed.

Sarah, my recent roommate, is a woman like this. Her empathy is so high that she enters into feelings deeply with you. She can instantly put your feelings onto herself and understand what you are going through. This empathy is a great gift the Lord has given her.
At my work at University Ministries, there were three women who were Chocolate Candy to me, depending on the day. I have cried in each of their offices, and never been turned away, but always left feeling like life will be better. Amanda, Becky and Lisa are women who are not afraid of emotions and not afraid to talk about their feelings. Each of these women care sincerely about me, and I them, and it was a joy to be with them for even the short time we were together.

#5) Miss Double-Shot Espresso: Friends who Celebrate
These are friends who share your joy, who rejoice when you rejoice, and who put aside jealousy or their own lives to be fully present in your excitement.

I am grateful to have a number of these women in my life. I'll only highlight a couple, but there are many!
Kathryn is one of these women in my life. When I was trying to decide about UCLA, Kathryn helped me get over the hump and commit and once I did she said, "And now I just want to shout 'you're going to UCLA!!!' and celebrate with you!" Then she went with me to the Elite and shared appetizers and margaritas with me to celebrate. She is one of the first people I want to call with good news, because she is so genuinely happy to share in the experience. If you know Kathryn, you know what I mean!
Golly, I can't even begin to talk about all the women who are this to me - even excluding those who have already been mentioned. My mom, Karen, Jenny, Maura, Jenn, Brittany, Katie, among so many others. Thank you for being with me in the celbration times!

That is it for now. Just the first five. I'll be back with the other five most-wanted friends soon. In the meantime, as they say in the Golden Girls... "Thank you for being a friend!"

"For I have derived joy and comfort and encouragement from your love..." Philemon 7

Sunday, June 15, 2008

60 years!

Here are a couple photos of my grandparents, Dick and Joy, who will celebrate 60 years of marriage this Friday. I am grateful for them, and for what they have shown me about marriage.

Me and Grama Joy
Mom, me and grama Joy
Grampa Dick, and my brother, Ben
The boys (see the last post)

Its Father's Day... and everyone is doing dad tributes!

Father's Day.

Even though its sort of a made up holiday, and even though my dad gets pampered on a regular basis, I love the opportunity to brag about who my dad is to me, and to make sure he gets treated especially well on this day. I wasn't here for his birthday, so its great to be able to celebrate Father's Day with him and my family.
The top pic is the pic I gave my dad for Father's day. We were touring Baylor with my aunts on the day of graduation and they said they'd take a pic of us. We took one and on the second I turned to give him a smooch on the cheek. :) I think its a good'un.
My dad is a great guy: he's smart, funny, and loving. I am really grateful to have him. When I started at Baylor and had to write papers, he was my primary "proofer" (my mom sometimes helped, too). For one paper, he spent over three hours with me on the phone talking with me about one paper I was writing that was a very important project. His recommendations always come from an intelligent reader's perspective. And I know that if he understood and liked my paper, then it was well written and clear (since he doesn't know a lot about my field, I also knew that it was comprehensible by people in general!).
He's also a champion of mine, my brother's and my family. When my brother and I come home and tell a story about how we were wronged or mistreated or recognized for something good or lauded, my dad is always interested. He defends us if we were wronged and celebrates our successes with us. I am so grateful for him.
This weekend, for Father's day, we headed to Laughlin, Nevada to hang out with my grandparents at the Riverside Hotel and Casino. My grandparents go there about once per week and it is always fun to get to visit them. My grandpa and grama introduced us to everyone they knew, and we had a great time - laughing, reminiscing, gambling, and eating. I came out ahead (not to mention that my parents provided my initial stake) and so that was great. Everyone else about broke even or had a small loss. I hadn't been able to gamble (which I think can be fun if you do it in moderation) since before I went to Greenville College, so it was a neat time. My brother and I spent time together at the Roulette table (I taught him how to play) and my mom and I hung out at various slot machines. My dad played poker and my brother found this really fun slot machine he liked.
Well, anyway, we took some pictures at dinner and in honor of father's day, here is a picture of the men (two of whom are fathers):

My grampa Dick is 83 years old this year, and not only were we celebrating Father's day, but also having an early celebration of his 60th wedding anniversary to my grama, Joy. My dad is in the middle, and my brother Ben is on the right. Pretty good lookin men, if you ask me! (we had a hilarious time trying to get a good pic of grampa, there will be another post shortly with a few better pics).

Today for actual Father's day, I helped serve Rootbeer Floats after church to the dads. It was a great treat, but about half a million degrees. When we got home we ate "Sunday Brunch Ring" - which is this great breakfast - if you want the recipe, post a comment with your email and I'll send it) and opened cards. Then we reminisced for about 45 minutes about fun times with dad and other family outings. It was fun to remember great times we've had with our dad. Then we went to see "The Incredible Hulk" - it was a good movie and dad really enjoyed it. Tonight we are having Rib Eyes (my dad's favorite) and Mom's Potato Salad (also dad's favorite) - if you want the recipe for that, do the same as above.

Tonight we'll play a game of Settlers of Catan and watch a couple TV shows together. All in all, a great Father's day.

Happy Father's Day to all of you dads, all over the world!

Friday, June 13, 2008

First Post...

Hi Friends and family!

Welcome to "Tiff's Life Now" - its just like "Tiff's Life in Greenville" and "Tiff's Life in Waco" but better.... because its PERMANENT! Aren't you so glad? I am. It was getting exhausting to move my blog every time I moved and so at the risk of being accused of not caring about the future or the past (at least not in my title), I am debuting "Tiff's Life Now" this summer.

I cannot guarantee that I'll post daily this summer, but really - why wouldn't I? I have nothing but time unless I get a job.

On the job front: I interviewed recently with a banking company (whose name rhymes with Smells Largo) but apparently was not hired. I think the temporary nature of my employment ability was the deciding factor. Today, I sent in my resume to Kelly services and hope to get a few opportunities through them. I'm also going to apply at, and send an email to the director of women's ministry at my parents' church and make myself available for odd jobs. We'll see what turns up.

In a more alternative way of getting some income, I am working on a few other things (my friend Shawn Brown doesn't read this blog, but if he did, he'd be really proud of this!). I have some books listed on (books they wouldn't take back at the bookstore), and am going to work with "" by experiencing products and then blogging about them. That's neat, because if I like them, you'll know and can try them, too. I'm also considering some other ways that I can use the internet to earn some money. Its possible I will start secretly selling things that belong to my parents (it's debatable if they'd notice!). :) Probably not, but that would be funny, huh!

On the life front: I recently picked out a new duvet cover for my apt. I think I like it, but I'm still reserving judgement. What I did like, for sure, was the store where we bought it... Anna's Linens. Mom thinks its an outlet for Linens and Things, and it might be. All I know is that this Wamsutta Duvet set (which came with cover and two shams) was only $20... regular $50 - woohoo!! They have a ton of inexpensive, nice linens - check it out if there is one near you.

If I get around to it later, I will take a pic of the duvet cover.

I've also been sewing - I am making some pillow covers for the 14" fleece pillows you can get at Ikea real cheap. They are in the colors that will be the theme of the apt - teal, dark green, lime green. I'm having fun sewing again, and am also considering making a quilt. If only things didn't cost money! :)

This weekend we are headed to Laughlin, Nevada, to meet my grandparents at Riverside Hotel and Casino. We are excited to see them, as the six of us haven't been together since Christmas - and haven't been to Laughlin together in almost 5 years. I am really excited, because we are celebrating Father's day AND my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. I'll take a photo of them and post about them next week.

That's it for today. In future blogs I will be talking about the summer bible study I'm in, and what I'm learning.

I hope you are well!