Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brief one. (POTD 5/15)

First: Happy Birthday, Alpha Delta Pi! And happy Founder's Day to all my ADPi sisters out there! I am proud to be a member of the First and Finest sorority!

Second: Quals. Blech. I got my first essay written yesterday by 9pm, which was my goal. Today is going a loooooooot slower. A. LOT. But I'm about to embark on the second round of writing and it will be good.

Yesterday, in the midst of my day I saw that the Sprinklesmobile was in my neighborhood. Yes. Its a truck that drives around selling Sprinkles' cupcakes to the masses who don't have time or energy to get to Beverly Hills or one of the other location. Totally Genius.
o I took the .5 mile walk down into Westwood Village and picked myself up a Lemon Coconut cupcake. D-licious. Seriously, it was yummy and totally worth the study break.

Today I realized that I desperately needed to have my writing buddies with me so that I could talk some of my ideas out loud. But unfortunately, not only am I not allowed to talk to other people about my paper, but most of them live in different states (Matt) or countries (Collin and Candice). The others (Lisa) live in LA, but she knows I can't talk to her about it, so she would totally hold me to the rules and that is one reason I like her.

So I decided to talk to the chickens. My Foster Imposter chickens that I have had since Greenville. They are good listeners, but they don't provide any feedback. I pay them in junk food, so luckily the HEOC student representatives gave each of us test-takers a goodie bag filled with junk food. The Chickens are happy. And if the Chickens are happy, everybody is happy.

See what has happened to me? Stir crazy and talking nonsense.

Off to write my paper now. Peace out till tomorrow.