Friday, May 28, 2010

Sweet Relief (POTD 5/28)

My day started out pretty great today. I knew I was going to go get my exam results and that my parents were coming to visit. But before I could do anything, I ate this for breakfast.....

Seriously, people. Fresh raspberries on fresh oatmeal with a little brown sugar and some milk!?!? Shut up. Its delicious - sweet, tart, creamy. Mmmmmm. So the start to the day was great.

Then I walked to campus in some beautiful weather to get my exam results from the Office of Student Services. Here is a picture of me with Harmeet, one of the Student Services crew, handing off my results envelope.

You're probably wondering what I saw when I opened the envelope....

I PASSED WITH HONORS! Woo hoo!! So excited for that result - I had hardly even dared hope for it and there it was. I'm so grateful to the Lord for his bounty.

In case you wanted to see the letters, here is what they looked like:

I am now officially approved to start the dissertation writing phase (or as my friend Carrie called it, the "Dissertation Discernment Phase" - well she called it something close to that) as soon as I finish my classes for this quarter.

Later in the day I got a temporary crown put on my root canal tooth and now my mouth is all sore again. Blah. But I'm glad that soon these teeth woes will be over - permanent crown in two weeks!

Last thing and a little funny story. When I picked up my letter today, it said "you have   your written qualifying examination for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree." Because I had the second letter that said "Honors," I knew that I passed, so I didn't really wonder about the weird syntax of that sentence. Later, reading the letter to my folks, I realized that the word "passed" was missing. So I went into the Student Services office and asked the Director to print me a new one. She did it graciously and without questioning why. If asked, I was going to say it was for my scrapbook. But really, it was for you, blog friends, and for the POTD.


Candice said...

So glad you are documenting this! It will be fun to look back in 5 or 10 years and see all of your POTDs. :) Major congrats on PASSING with HONORS! We will celebrate in a few weeks!

I'm hoping to see a beach pic or two so I can live through you... I've been craving the beach this weekend!

Carrie said...

This is awesome. I am so glad to see it in writing. You are brilliant!

Shannon said...

WOOHOO! YAY, Congrats! That's so exciting...and I too would have gone back for a new letter! :)