Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mariners take on the Angels (POTD 5/29)

My parents and I headed down to Anaheim this morning! On the way we stopped at Target (to get my dad some shorts and to get all of us some other stuff) and at Home Depot (to get some cinder blocks to put my bed on when I move). That was fun.

The game was fun, too! We parked off-site and walked to the stadium and were pleasantly surprised when we found our seats would be in shade. And boy was I glad. I am not ready for summer heat yet, and it was HOT at the game today. Had we been in full sun, while it would have been nice for a tan, would have been miserable.

The M's ended up losing in the 10th inning when one of the Angels hit a walk-off GRAND SLAM. Seriously. (When that player tried to jump on home plate, he broke his leg - seriously) But we had a great time, and followed up our sports adventure with dinner at the Olive Garden! My parents had a big gift card, and so we enjoyed a bottle of wine, appetizer AND dessert (in addition to our entrees). It was really delicious and I was excited to have a celebration dinner about my quals.

We sat near some other M's fans, so when we clapped and cheered, we weren't alone. Here I am, in my Mariner blue, excited to add another ballpark to my list of visited stadiums!

A perfect day for baseball!

The stadium from the outside. I loved the big baseball hats!