Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Day at the Beach (POTD 5/31)

My parents and I spent a great day relaxing on the beach. We got there at 9:30 so that we could be assured of getting parking - aside: we got a great parking spot in the beach lot for $7! Score! - and then lugged all of our stuff down to the waterfront. We set up a terrific little space with our three chairs, two umbrellas, blanket, towels, coolers, etc. It was actually really cold in the shade all day, and in the sun for most of the day, so I spent a lot of the day covered up. Candice asked me to take lots of pictures, so here you go....

My view when I was relaxing in my beach chair.

I spent most of the day wearing long sleeves and covered in a towel. But it was still a great day! (and I was psyched to remember about this windbreaker that normally stays in my car and have decided to take it with me to London - it folds up really small!

Little Jason (16mo old) and his family was set up next to us, but he was SUPER friendly ended up exploring our little area. He especially loved opening and closing the cooler and visiting with me.

Later in the afternoon someone came by selling ice cream bars. I certainly didn't lose weight over this weekend, but I decided that it was OK to splurge once in a while - so we each had an ice cream treat!

But most of what I did while I was at the beach? Work on the draft of my paper that was due tonight.


Carrie said...

Aw, Tiff! That looks beautiful! The beach, not the paper... :) I am so glad you are getting time with your parents. What a blessing!