Thursday, May 6, 2010

Me and the Dentist

I know I've been gone from the blog for a while. Tiff's "real" life has been crazy, so Tiff's "virtual" life has been dormant. Anyway, of the many events happening in the past couple weeks, the one that has been the most stress inducing is my recent and frequent dental visits.

Now, I've been going to the dentist regularly since I was a kid. Except for the couple years I was at Baylor, I've been blessed to have dental insurance and dentists who I love. My favorite dentist is the dentist I grew up with - Dr. Ty Galvin, DDS - who is in Renton, Wa. But since then, I've also been the Dr. Matt McCullough (who I call "the cute dentist" - because he is!) in Greenville, IL.

I recently started seeing a new dentist - which after missing two years of regular dental care - was great but also a bummer because a LOT has been happening in my mouth it turns out. Lots of little cracks and baby cavities and a tooth that needed a root canal. Yes friends, part of the reason for my blogging absence is due to a root canal. But soon the final work on that tooth will be complete and I'll be happily eating on the right side of my mouth again. In the meantime, I lost 2 pounds this week because I've been reduced to soft foods like soup and salad (without nuts) even while on my trip to Denver. (but the trip to Denver is another story).

So without further ado....

My experiences have reminded me of this comedy routine by Bill Cosby - one of my favorites. Check it out!

That's it from Tiff's Life for now. I'll be back soon with more updates!


Candice said...

Sorry you have to endure the dental work! :( But hooray for the 2 lbs!! :)