Friday, May 14, 2010

The moment I realized I was a nerd... (POTD: 5/14/10)

So I don't think "Nerd" is actually a bad word. In fact, I'm kind of fond of it, since I come from a family of nerds and frankly, we are pretty great.

But today I realized my nerdiness more than ever. Seriously, more than the time we almost choreographed a dance in the library lobby while preparing our case studies. More than when I sit around with my friends and talk about student development and higher education.

Today, after I picked up my exam from Bridget and Chris (below, photo #1), I came home and gathered up all my materials. I moved my file boxes to where I could easily access summaries and articles; grabbed the important books from my bookshelf (see below, photo #2); and set up my "workstation" (photo #3). And then I realized it - that feeling I'm feeling? EXCITEMENT. I love to write. I love the opportunity to sit down and wrestle my thoughts to the ground and discuss the issues that I am tasked with for this exam. Don't get me wrong; I'm a little nervous, too - I hope I can do a good job on the question and article critique, but mostly, I'm ready. Excited, ready, raring to go. So here are three photos from the start of my day. Pray for me, if you are so inclined, I can use the support.

And.... we're off!

(Bridget and Chris from the Office of Student Services are there to hand off the exam packet and treat bag, and help you start your day with a smile)

(My files and important books. I don't know if I'll end up using Bob Birnbaum's book, but I love it so much I had to put it on top...)

(The workstation - computer is hooked up to the right, coffee is ready, exam is there to review, I'm all set to go... once I get off of Twitter apparently....)