Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History, Herstory, and a brief look at life

Well friends, I am happy that election season is reaching its apex and end.

Here is what I think (and I know that some of you will disagree): both Barack Obama and John McCain are good men. Both of them could have been great presidents.

I'll be honest though... I'm a cynic. Its my Generation-X-ness. I want to believe that President-Elect Obama will enact sweeping change across our Capitol and the US at large - changing government for the better, bringing in health care and education reforms.... but I don't really believe that a President can do all of that. I think our system is arduous and broken.

I think my cynism would be reversed if Mr. Obama offered Mr. McCain a position in his administration.... THAT would be unusual government and I would think it was awesome.

Other comments: I am thrilled that America has elected a person of color to be President! 140 years after America almost fell apart over the issue of slavery, and less than 50 years after America had to fight to give civil rights to all of her citizens. It is pretty amazing, and as I think of it, and as I contemplate the pervasive racism in America that still exists today, I can only be thankful that a wide and substantial portion of the population supported this man and the principle that anyone can be president of the united states!

I also wonder how long it will be before America elects a woman to this office (or even to the party nomination). Women fought for years to be allowed to vote; however, they are still underrepresented in positions of leadership and power in America, and they still earn $.76 to ever $1 a man earns in America.

I am thrilled for my friends who have said that now their kids will have a person who looks like them in the oval office. I wonder how long it will take until our girls have a person who looks like them - of any race or ethnicity, in the oval office.
Last entry for tonight:

I live in Los Angeles county. It is the most populace county in America (I believe) with over 4 million registered voters. There are more registered voters here than in 13 individual states!! (crazy, huh!) This county is as diverse in categories (gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc) as anywhere I have ever lived, or can expect to live. Today 82% of voters in LA county turned out to vote - which is the highest turnout since 1986 - and maybe ever, here.

There are a lot of issues on the ballot tonight here in CA that are divisive and which people care really strongly about. Regardless of the results, I hope that all can unite, and try to move forward in a spirit of grace and caring.

And ultimately, I pray that the love of God would shine through those that know him, that we would be caring and graceful, and that through our demonstrations of love everyone would come to know Him...... regardless of the results of this election.


Sarah Gail said...

Do you think it is ironic that many say it took the Suffrage movement to carve way for the Civil Rights movement, but we still haven't had a woman VP or President? I remember discussing this election in class and everyone thought it was going to be a woman first, then after that, a person of color. I think it's interesting. The roles seemed to be reversed, and our country truly is coming full circle I think.

Love and miss you!