Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas in a Studio Apt

I love decorating for Christmas. There is something warm and homey about Christmas decorations to me, and when I lived far from my parents and later far from all family, Christmas decorations somehow connected me to them.

Now I live in a 400 sq ft apt, and there isn't really room to put up my Christmas tree, and other decorations. There's barely a flat surface on which to place a candle or a snowglobe. But as I was thinking about spending the next three or so weeks here and wanting to have a little "home feeling"... I decided to make a mini Christmas for myself. I'm not finished yet, but here is a picture of my first decoration... a little Christmas tree.

I bought a couple shelves to put up on the wall (for candles originally), and at Target I found a little tree and some mini ornaments (I actually have mini ornaments in my christmas boxes, (baylor themed) but they are at home in storage, so no go) and it fits perfectly on the shelf (if I only pull out the front branches...) along with some tea lights and a little nativity scene. I have a few other nativity scenes which I think I can make fit here and there, so if I have time this weekend while at home, I may bring them back with me.

Anyyway, here is a pic of my decorations (thus far).