Thursday, October 30, 2008

Already failing (10.30)

Well, I'm already failing at my resolve to post a little note each day!

Yesterday, I mailed my "vote by mail" ballot. I am a registered voter in the State of California, in Los Angeles County. LA County has over 4.2 million registered voters... seriously. I heard on the news that we have more registered voters than 13 states. Yes, you read that right. There are 13 states, each with fewer registered voters than my county.

Anyway, in Cali I am a "permanent voter by mail." Now, I love going to the polling place, so this was a tough decision for me - feeling like I'm a part of something larger by waiting in line and voting in a booth is something I love, so I debated back and forth about this decision. But ultimately, I realized that if I voted by mail, I would see two major benefits:
1) I would be more likely to vote in every election: because even in the elections with just a few measures on the ballot, I'll get a ballot in the mail.
2) I would be more likely to vote in an informed way: because I could sit in privacy and quiet, reading the voter's guide while considering my votes - versus forgetting what I had read on the way to the polls, after inevitably leaving my sample ballot at home, or versus being influenced by signs and supporters/detractors on the way to the polls.

So, my votes for and against a number of issues has been cast. Ultimately, I hope that I voted my conscience, not influenced by fear-mongering and name-calling; I hope that I voted in a way that is pleasing to my Lord; and I hope that I voted in a way I can be proud of, regardless of the results on November 4th.

(Next post... why I don't like to brand myself by candidate or issue)


Liz said...

I love your diligent approach to life! :-) Miss you!