Sunday, November 16, 2008

My life... 11/16

Here is one of my many "study piles" that develop as I'm studying. And one of my latest study partners, Tanya. Tanya lives in my building (she is basically the only person I know in my building, and is a first-year, working on a Master of Arts in HEOC - which is my same program, only I'm on the PhD track.) I met up with Tanya and another friend of ours, Ophelia, at the Kerckhoff coffee shop on campus yesterday to study.

Today, I'll head to church, come home and eat a bite for lunch and then go back to studying until the Amazing Race tonight (which is my official "cease fire" for the day!). The girls say they'll be at Kerckhoff again, so I will likely walk over to campus and enjoy their company while I work.

Study pile: folder holding all the articles I need to read for this week, daytimer, research idea notebook, and my phone... I tell myself I can only look at the internet on my phone once per hour. :)

This is Tanya after I asked her (naively) a question about one of the students in class. Clearly, she thought my question was ridiculous. I love her expression here.