Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lament

(Recently, I incorporated making a hymn to the Lord each morning as part of my quiet time - sometimes I sing existing songs, but I am trying to write my own each day - or at least say it each day, I hardly ever write it out. Today, I had some sad news from a friend of a significant loss, and instead have a lament.)

Lord your ways are good, yet how can we understand this loss?
How can I trust that your purposes will continue when humiliation and embarassment accompanied by unbearable pain are my only companions?
How can I find hope in the midst of a hole so deep that the only light comes from the pain in my heart?
How can I encourage others when this experience is unexplainable?
Where are you Lord?
How long will you overlook my sister and brother?
How long will you ignore the cry of their hearts?
How long, oh Lord, will you forget them forever?
Soothe their tears Lord,
meet them in the place of abandonment and comfort them.
Give them courage and boldness to trust you again and again
though again and again You seem to fail.
Lord, you know that hope deferred makes the heart sick,
so prosper their hope and provide.
Your ways are unsearchable, beyond my understanding.
I know that you are good, and I know that you love.
I know you will not abandon or forsake.
Do not be absent now, Lord; provide deep comfort and peace to their souls.
Remember your servants, remember that we are dust, and help them.


Liz said...

Tiff these words show the deep compassion of your heart. Thanks for praying with me this morning and I will join you in praying this lament for our friends. I'm so glad you wrote this one down.