Thursday, June 3, 2010

Packing (way less fun than unpacking) (POTD 6/3)

Its weird; I like loading the dishwasher, but I don't like packing. I don't like to unload the dishwasher, but I like to unpack. It seems like a contradiction and I realized that living in 400 square feet, I like packing even less than normal.

Its just that packing takes up a lot of space. When its unpacked, everything is in its place so all the open space is, well, open. But as you pack your apartment starts to get smaller and smaller.

Its not like I haven't moved before. I have. A lot. In fact, since my college graduation in 1996, I have lived in 10 locations:
Bothell, WA (3 mo)
Kent, WA (6 mo)
Auburn, Wa (6 mo)
Bremerton, Wa (13 mo)
Renton, Wa (5 year)
Greenville, IL(a) (1 yr)
Greenville, IL (b) (2 yrs)
Waco, TX (2 yrs)
Phoenix, AZ (3 mo)
Westwood, CA (2 yrs)

So its not like I'm a stranger to packing, but I still really, really don't like it. Perhaps I like it even less now than ever before. So I'm grinding away at packing and thought I'd share a few pics with you today. Now, tomorrow, I'm actually looking forward to the packing experience, because my friend Jessica R is coming over for basically the whole day to help me finish and to get my TV/electronics over to my new apartment. This is all in preparation for the moving crew (10 of my friends) coming on Saturday afternoon to load up and get me to the new apartment, and for the cable guy, who will arrive at my new apt on Saturday, in the midst of the packing party. I realized I needed to have my TV,etc over there for him, so that will be a part of tomorrow....

Anyway, now I'm rambling as a stalling/procrastination tactic. So, on to the photos, and onto more packing.

Peace friends.

The bottom shelf of the bookcase still is full, because I can't see it, so I forget about it. Then I see it again and think "dang it! don't forget about that shelf!" and then I forget it again.

I also used today to take down all the pictures off the walls and to remove my DVD holders. I'm trying to remember that when I'm settled in the "one-bedroom apartment of joy" that this will all be worth it.

Even the desk area (aka: Under the Bed) has gotten into the act. By tomorrow, I expect this area to be completely filled.

I predict that tomorrow night I may be sleeping on the loveseat.


Candice said...

Looks like it's all coming along. YEA for Jessica coming to help. What a blessing! Looking forward to seeing pics when all of this stuff is moved and settled into the new apartment!! Hang in there, woman, just a few more days of stuff being a mess!