Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life on a College Campus (POTD 6/2)

Today after my dentist appointment, I headed back to campus for some lunch and homework time. The clouds of the morning had lifted and I decided to eat and study out on the patio between Moore Hall (where I have most of my classes) and Kerckoff Hall.

Trivia: You know that scene in "Legally Blonde" where Elle Woods arrives at Harvard and picks up her new student materials and she finds out that her social calendar is missing? That was filmed on the patio I was sitting on today. I love that movie. Anyway...

So I grabbed some food and sat down on the patio, ready to do some statistics homework. All around me were students and tour groups and it was one of those perfect college campus moments that I love. The best part was that there were groups of students in various stages of costume, practicing scenes from famous plays - there were guys practicing sword-fighting, who I could tell were doing lines from Camelot (kind of a depressing play, actually, as Matt, Candice and Collin would agree), and another group (picture at the bottom) who I think was doing The Odyssey.

Thought you would enjoy the story and some pics. Enjoy.