Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Interesting Facts about Shakespeare

I'll admit it - I didn't give you an official POTD yesterday. I do have a couple pics to share, hopefully I'll get them posted tonight.

Anyway, On my google reader is the Pioneer Woman blog. She is cool, funny, and writes about a wide variety of stuff. Recently, she's started doing this "20 facts about...." post fairly regularly. I thought these two facts about Shakespeare were particularly interesting. If you want to read all 20 facts, click here.

Otherwise, read on curious friends:

19. The following commonly used phrases are thought to be originally coined by William Shakespeare (many say these combinations of words did not appear in print before Shakespeare’s works):
All that glitters is not gold
All’s well that ends well
Bated breath
Dead as a doornail
Fool’s paradise
For goodness’ sake
Good riddance
Heart of gold
In a pickle
Knock knock! Who’s there?
Laughing stock
Love is blind
Naked truth
Neither rhyme nor reason
One fell swoop
Star-crossed lovers
Pomp and circumstance
Pound of flesh
Primrose path
Too much of a good thing
Wear my heart upon my sleeve
What’s in a name?
Wild goose chase
The world’s my oyster

20. Shakespeare’s was said to have an extensive vocabulary; his works contained more than 30,000 different words.

Schooled for the day, I proceed to my job where I will be working on creating course assessments. Enjoy YOUR day, friends.


Jill Atkinson said...

I LOVE pioneer woman (although I can't read it for too long or I start to feel a little inadequate) ! My M-I-L gave me her book for my birthday and I cannot wait to make Texas sheet cake! YUM! You're new apt. looks wonderful! I wish you many a restful night of sleep far, far away from the ceiling! Thanks for the blog visit! I'm sorry I end every sentence with an exclamation point! :)