Monday, June 7, 2010

Growing Kids! (POTD 6/6)

I like posting a day late and then dating it for the "right day". Seriously, though, I would have posted these yesterday, but I was working on making my powerpoint presentation for my class today. It was due at midnight so I had to get it done and between that and unpacking the kitchen I was up till almost midnight and did not get to post.

I have worked with "Kid City" at my church for about a year and a half. I volunteer as the teacher in the "Growing Kids" room, which takes place during the adult Sunday school hour (between services). The class I teach is K-5, so its a big mix of kids of different ages - and now that I've spent so many months with them, I'm really starting to learn their personalities and fall in love with them.

Here are some pictures of this week's class. In the month of June, "Kid City" is focusing on Responsibility (one who is trustworthy with little can be trusted with much - Luke 16, I think). Anyway, this week's focus was on the earth and how we can be responsible with God's creation. So the kids painted murals on big sheets of paper (which are now displayed in the classroom). After the service, there was a all-church bbq on the patio.

Oceans and Lakes (above)

 Forests and Fields (above)

 Sky and Mountains (above)

I loved this one - because its such a kid thing to do (peek over a wall, underneath a tree), and little Olivia's brother LOVES to do whatever she does, so here he is, hanging on the wall so that he can see, too!