Friday, June 4, 2010

Coach Wooden (POTD 6/5)

"The renowned Wooden Pyramid of Success encourages us all to value cooperation, loyalty and team spirit.  The Pyramid remains one of the most recognized blueprints for competitive excellence, in any pursuit." (Chancellor Block, UCLA)

Coach John Wooden passed away today. UCLA, and the athletic world, has lost one of its bright lights.

I don't know a lot about Coach John Wooden. Sure, I've read bits about him over the years. I even read a great interview in the Daily Bruin when he turned 99. But I don't know about his win/loss record. I can't recite great moments in his career.

But what I do know is this: he was a good leader who understood that athletics could be a gateway to something more. His principles of leadership (best exemplified in the 12 lessons and the pyramid above) are ones which any person can rely on to become a success and to do so in a way which values integrity and others above all else.

Greenville Football, through Coach Frosty Westering's leadership at PLU, also developed itself along those principles. The Champions Manifesto, written by former GC Head FB Coach Scotty Kessler, is build with Wooden's principles. Countless programs across the US - not just Basketball or Football, not just sports even, are build upon these principles.

I hope that as we look at our own paths, we'll consider how we can reach for success the Wooden way, and in doing so, demonstrate to the world that we don't have to hurt each other - that in fact, success for others means success for all.

Rest in Peace, Coach.

(I was going to post about my awesome day packing, my fun time with Jessica packing and at a movie, and a great dinner she made for me and a couple others, and also how the Lord is working on my heart about so many things - singleness, happiness, purpose, etc - but after reading about Coach Wooden's passing, I felt like that was the thing that needed to be noted today. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow from moving day)