Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's 59th birthday. Sadly, I am not in Phoenix to celebrate with her and the family. I am here in LA, working on homework.

But I wanted to write a quick word about my mom in honor of her birthday!
My mom is one of my best friends. When I call her (almost daily) she always sounds excited to hear my voice. She offers great advice (even when I am not ready for a "fix-it"), and is also willing to let me try my own way. She wanted to find a way to serve God, so she started a Recipe Ministry (where she sends out a weekly email with a recipe, a brief note and a bible verse) that now has almost 100 people on it! She is a caring wife, who cooks meals and offers encouragement - and she loves to be with my dad - she always talks about how funny he is (which is true) and sometimes I'll come into a room where she is cracking up at something my dad said. She is a faithful daughter, who has opened her home to her parents for holidays and doctor visits. She loves to play games and can often be found playing Texas Hold'Em online. She likes Action movies and Sci-Fi, and will indulge me and my dad by watching the occasional Romantic Comedy. And she even sent me a care package full of magazines and gift cards when I called home, desperate for magazines to read and something to do!
My mom is pretty much the greatest mom ever! (OK, you can argue the point... but I love her and think she's tops!!)
As a side note: one thing I love about my parents is that they complement each other so well. They are each other's best friend, and they are both really great. I am grateful for them!!