Friday, October 10, 2008

Mom's B-Day Present

For my mom's birthday, I created a scrapbook for her of our trip to Lake Tahoe. It is similar to the scrapbook I made for my grama, after we returned from Tahoe and my grampa passed away. I forgot to get pics of grama's album before I gave it to her, but I wanted to share it with you all, so instead I took pics of mom's and waited and waited until her birthday before I could finally post them.

It was cathartic for me to make grama's album right after grampa passed away, It had been less than a week and looking through those pictures was good, but hard. I was surprised that the feeling was the same when I was making the ablum for mom. Some of the photos made me chuckle, some made me cry. Even now, as I think about the week in Tahoe, I still just as often get teary as smile.

I sure miss him.

I'm glad mom liked the album, and I hope that it will be a comfort to all of us!


Liz said...

look at you, scrapbooking queen! I miss ya, hope all is going well. I'm glad this project helped you remember your grandpa and all the fun times you shared together!