Sunday, October 26, 2008

I still think Mark Harmon looks good...

Well, I do, and so I just thought I should say so! He's my older man crush. I was talking to a friend of mine at church today who does makeup professionally, and she was telling me about how handsome she thinks Richard Gere is (she did his makeup for a shoot a few years ago). That made me think of Mark Harmon, who is currently on NCIS - I just think he is adorable! But if the truth be told, everyone on that show is pretty darn good looking.

I haven't updated in a couple week - that's how I know that school has really started. Its hard to reply to emails, blog, and talk on the phone - OH, and read books. But I have a few minutes tonight and wanted to do a quick update.

My friend Alexis inspired me to try and do a small update every day (she is doing it once per day through October). I'm going to try it... we'll see.

This weekend was a whirlwind. Yen Ling, who is part of our first year cohort organized a potluck for us this weekend. It was the first opportunity for us to get together socially and get to know each other better. About half of us were able to make it, and it was really fun. I enjoyed meeting spouses and getting to know more about my classmates. Hopefully next time, more will be able to make it!

Saturday I studied all day with a friend, Amy. She and I met in stats class, the one time our section met before it was cancelled. We hit it off and I think we're going to be good friends. It was good to study with her, and have a chance to visit and get to know each other better, too. Saturday evening I had dinner and coffee with Ophella, who is in the Master's of Student Affairs program. She is closer to my age than a lot of our classmates and it was fun to talk about the transition from working full time to being a student and then what she is thinking about doing when she graduates in the spring.

Today I had a super day at church. I've decided that I'm going to stay Bel Air Presbyterian. I just like the people, and I really enjoy the music, so I decided to stay! It was nice to see a few friends there today. Afterward, I enjoyed my time at home, picking up, cooking, and doing a little homework. All in all, a great weekend, and a great sabbath!

In other news, my friends the Fergasons had a busy weekend with all the older kids performing in a Piano recital on Friday, and Andi performing in Walk/Trot and Costume class (her first time for both) in a Horse Show on Saturday. That was the only reason it was a bummer to live in Cali this weekend, rather than be in Texas!

Well, stay tuned... you might see an update tomorrow!
Rebecca and her husband, Pisey (George Fox grads)

L-R: Dave, Sylvia and Yen Ling

L-R: Chelsea, me, Dave and Sylvia


Jill Atkinson said...

Sounds like you are already making tons of friends and I am so happy you found a church! Kudos to you for studying so hard! I don't think I could bring myself to get back into school!!