Monday, August 17, 2009

Where have you BEEN all summer? (part 2)

Since returning from St. Louis, it is like the Lord has flipped a switch on my social life. I had been telling Matt that the second year is always better than the first (in terms of feeling like you "fit" somewhere, deepening relationships, etc) and that is proving true again for me here - like it had when I moved to Greenville and Waco before.

My friend Dave's girlfriend, Jenn, moved to the LA area and it has been really fun to hang out with them and get to know her better. I knew I liked her the first time we met, and that feeling is confirmed each time we meet again! I've also been trying to be more involved at my church, Bel Air Pres, and have been attending the young adults deal: the Foundry.

Most recently, I visited Sprinkles in Beverly Hills with a few friends - one of whom was moving to San Diego (sadly, we had just started to become friends as she was moving away!); and saw my first show at the Hollywood Bowl with my friend Marcela! (she got us free tickets to an awesome performance of Tchaikovsky) OH, and some friends and I saw "My Fair Lady" for free at Century City Mall - they have free movies on Wednesdays. We forgot to take pics at that event, but perhaps at future movies we'll remember.

Last but not least, the first weekend after getting back from St. Louis, I headed to Phoenix to spend a weekend with my family before my dad went back to school. I hadn't seen them in a few months and I missed them a LOT. We had a really great time together. That same weekend, the Phoenix Breakfast Club was called to order and we joined up at our "usual" (formerly, until Pam got food poisoning) location to get caught up. I love having the chance to catch up with these Greenville friends. All in all, the trip home was at least one day too short - I wished I could have stayed longer.

All in all..... a good summer.

(with friends at the original cupcake bakery)

(the Phx Breakfast Club, sadly without Lee this time)

(the Hollywood Bowl!)

(Me and Marcela at the Hollywood Bowl)