Monday, August 24, 2009

Crafty Sunday

Hey Everyone,

Sunday was a fantastic day! I loved church - I attended the 9:01 service, worked with Growing Kids, and then the 11 o'clock service. The band had a bluegrass flair today and even played one of my favorite Crowder Band songs: "I Saw the Light." What a great start to the morning!

After church, I headed up to Porter Ranch to the Joann Fabrics Superstore to pick up some crafting supplies for a few things I am in the mood of making. Since school starts one month from today, and since 2 of those four intervening weeks are filled with people visiting, I figured I'd better get some crafting done!

Waaaaaay back in December/January, my parents hosted a Christmas party at their house. Each of the four of us (my parents, brother, and I) all invited guests to attend. I had planned to make these really cute cocktail aprons for us to wear - but since we also planned to make about a million different types of appetizers, I just ran out of time. Well, I pinned the aprons a few weeks ago, and FINALLY yesterday got them all sewed together and I have to be honest...... THEY ARE ADORABLE!! See picture!

I am also working on a gift for my friends' baby, Brooklyn - so no picture yet - its not quite finished. AND working on making some coffee cozies, too. My friend Kristen made one for me for my birthday and I thought it was a really fun gift! So I figured I'd try my hand at making a couple.

Finally (and unrelated to yesterday), I had been working on a cross stitch sampler this summer. I finished it a few weeks ago, but haven't had time to post a picture - one will come soon!


Alexis Cruikshank said...

Super cute and festive. I think they will be a big hit! -Alexis

fblife said...

Way to go Tiff, I pulled out the sewing machine yesterday too!

Canderson said...

I love the apron, Tiff. It looks like those designery ones they sell at Spice! :) I hope your crafy adventures are a success. I am jealous that you get to go visit a JoAnn's superstore! :) Do they sell Amy Butler prints? I LOVE Amy Butler!

Tiffani R said...

Thanks for you compliments, friends!

Carrie - I'm not sure if they have Amy Butler prints, but you can get them online. My friend, Liz, is an Amy Butler fan, too. I like it, too, but only have one little teeny wallet in an AB print. Anyway, check online!


Shannon R Dean said...

ummm.... so cute! :)