Saturday, August 22, 2009

Casey and David's Wedding's

When I lived in Seattle, I attended United Evangelical Free Church (as some of you know, of course). Its a little church in Ballard, and at the time some close friends of mine (the Fergasons) were attending. I ended up becoming a member there (my first - and until later this year, only, officially church membership), and though I had come to faith in Jesus years earlier, I was baptized as a profession of faith there. While at United, I joined the Fergasons in youth ministry and worked with the Jr. High and High School students.
Casey Chapman was in Jr. High when I started working with the youth, and finishing her sophomore year of high school when I left for Illinois. Her dad was our senior pastor, Todd (he baptized me), and her parents together were lovers of God who allowed their children to seek faith on their own, engaged them in real conversations about Christ, and loved them fully. Casey was one of my favorites - she is authentic, fun, and funny, and has a zest for life and an inquisitive mind.
Shortly after I left United, the Chapmans relocated to Orange County, where Todd is now the senior pastor at Richfield Community Church. Casey and I have been in touch through Facebook over the inervening years, and I was thrilled to rekindle our friendship in person when I moved to LA (though we don't get to see each other enough, even though we are only 40 miles apart - in LA, that might as well be 180!)

Well, that is a long introduction to these photos -and to tell you that on Friday I was honored and privileged to attend Casey's wedding!! I can barely even believe that this young woman, who I've known since she was a young teenager, is now someone's wife. She has matured into a woman of grace and character. Both Casey's and David's fathers are pastors - and so the wedding ceremony was performed by both of them. And Casey's mom served as a bridesmaid, which I thought was especially sweet. Lots of happy and melancholy tears were shed. It was a great end to one season of life, and beginning of another. Here are some photos!

Casey and I after the ceremony:

Casey and David Bartosik, their first dance:

Proud Parents: Julie and Todd Chapman

While at the wedding, I happened to sit down in the same row as some old friends from United. I was pleased to see people I knew, and to get caught up with them. What a pleasant treat!

Me with the happy couple:


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