Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Seat of Love!

I had been thinking about buying a love seat for a long time. My apartment is small, and I knew that I had a nice, efficient space with my two chairs from IKEA. But first, I didn't like that there was really only seating for two in my apartment, and second, sometimes I just wanted to be able to stretch out and nap. (aside: I used to just put down blankets and make a nice bed on the floor for naps, so it wasn't too bad)

Anyway, I decided that one of things I wanted to do this summer was get a little couch. I searched around, looked at IKEA (they have a cute one, but to get a nice cover it increases the price by almost $200!), looked at a hotel outlet store, looked online. I measured all these different couches and tried to decide how much I could spend.... as my friend Candice will tell you, making the decision was hard to say the least!

Well, I found one that I thought was a good price and a good size. I went into Caprice Furniture in Culver City (after looking at their website online), and ordered it! It arrived a week later and they delivered it today! Here are the pics!

Sort of "Before" - I had already moved the furniture to make space for the couch, but you get the idea.

After! With a nice little comfy couch and two other seats! I think I could fit four people in the apt now! Yay!

A better look at the couch. I love it!


bleev said...

It looks SO cozy! Lovely. And Hello to the chickens!

Tiffani R said...

LOL Bethany!! The chickens cluck "hello" right back atcha!

Shannon R Dean said...

It looks great! Fits in your space nicely! Makes me want a nap! :)

Canderson said...

Yay! I like the couch. Your apartment looks very homey. Makes me wish I could come visit you and spread out on the loveseat!

The Bullards said...


I haven't been keeping up very well... I love the pic of you with the apron-- How cute are you?! And the blanket for Brooklyn is really sweet. Good work, TR.

Erin O said...

I'm ready to come snuggle!

Sarah said...

yea! so glad that the love seat worked out!!!