Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Apt

Here are a few pics from the new apartment. If you are on facebook, you can check more pics out there.
the living room, looking from the front door.
my desk and bed, also my craft area, to the left of my desk - you can only see the sewing maching and craft box, there is a crafting file cabinet by the stripey board.
my adorable little kitchen. my favorite part right now are the rails I put up above the sink to hang paper towels, hot pads and other stuff.
looking into the bedroom area from the front door. To the immediate left (can't see it in the photo) is my bathroom. It is nice and roomy, too, and I put a dresser in there for linens and one of my great grampa's paintings on the wall - its very homey.
looking into the living area from my desk. I have a "library" on the right, with my two bookshelves full of books. At some point I may have to give some up, but I think that will be the hardest to part with... I can get rid of clothes, movies, etc... but books?!