Monday, September 29, 2008

My day at Hermosa Beach

A few weeks ago, back before I had anything to do, I decided to explore a local beach. I googled "California Beaches" (seriously) and found the website for (yes, you guessed it...) california's beaches. I had heard of Hermosa Beach before, so I picked it, read about it, googled directions and the next day set off.

It took about 45 minutes to get there (dang traffic), and I drove through Manhattan Beach along the way. I didn't get to see the beach, but I have had friends tell me that Manhattan Beach is their fave, so I'll be checking it out soon.

There was inexpensive public parking, and so I parked and got out and walked out onto the pier. It was a beautiful day, with just the right temperature. There were guys and gals playing beach volleyball on one side of the pier, with kids, boogey boarders, and surfers on both sides. The ocean looked mighty see-weedy from my vantage point, so even though later I relaxed on the sand... I opted NOT to get in. That means that I have been here a month, and still have not dipped my toes in the pacific! I think its time to recruit one of my new acquaintances for a beach trip this Saturday!

While I was walking the pier, I saw this seagull close up, happily sitting and watching the people (it seemed like). I decided I'd walk to the end and then on the way back, if the gull was still there I'd take its picture... but suddenly (as I walked) the same gull flew forward ahead of me about twenty feet and posed again! So of course I had to stop and get his picture right then!

After my walk, I decided to try for some fish and chips. There was a great restaurant right across the bike path from the beach - so I could eat, read, and watch the ocean all at the same time - it was GREAT! Lunch at Scotty's was reasonable and delicious! I'll for sure be back there again.

Following lunch I grabbed my beach blanket and layed out on the sand for a little nap.

Delightful day, all in all! I hope I get to have a few more of those, though I'm sure the books I'll be bringing with me will be school related.

Enjoy the pics of my time!


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