Monday, September 29, 2008

Final furniture assembly!

On Sunday after church (where I saw John Tesh! - see sidebar), I went back to Home Depot in Hollywood to get the hardware I would need to put up my folding table.

I have a half-wall separating the kitchen and living room, and had purchased a table from Ikea that mounts on the wall and folds down when not in use. Its a great addition to my kitchen... except that Ikea gave me all the hardware to assemble it, but not the hardware to mount it on my wall - ugh! That part sucked!

So I went to HD to get mollies and screws. After a frustrating experience trying to find the tools I needed (between the home depot guy not being very helpful, and some other dude who thought he could help me instead but condescended to me and made me feel like an idiot, it brought me to tears briefly), I did indeed settle what I thought I might need.

I got home, had lunch and got to work. I started with the table a little too high and had to restart the screws about four inches lower. So far its sturdy and I am enjoying having a table tremendously. In fact, it was the frustration of not having a table to sit and eat or write at that moved me to make the trip to HD.

Here are some pics! I even took one pic with plates, to give you an idea of its cute little size! I still have some concerns about its stability, so it won't be holding valuable dishes (not that I have any!) or super heavy bowls of things, but for dinner its perfect.

In its folded down position. It only sticks out about 2 inches from the wall, so its great for a studio apartment! I wanted the darker cherry color, but it was sold out and so I decided that I like this golden color just as much when it comes to kitchens.
Here is the table folded out, with the two chairs that I also have from Ikea. I bought the chairs in the darker wood which matches my other furniture, so that if I have friends over and they want to sit, it fits in OK in the living room. :) But how cute is this?!?

Here is how it looks during the day. I have this rolling cart which houses my pots and pans, and to make space in the kitchen it goes in front of the table and the chairs lean on the cart. Perfect, right?!


Jill Atkinson said...

You are quite handy! The table looks great! My table would for sure be crooked!! Jetty says hi to Tiffy! We got her a Curious George DVD and she is entranced by it (it that a bad thing :). We miss you!

Jill Atkinson said...

I meant - is that a bad thing - oops!

bleev said...

You are a CHAMP! :D