Friday, September 5, 2008

Live from LA... its Tiff's life! post 2 of 2

OK, so on to this week.... :)

We picked up the trailer on Sunday, and loaded it with all my worldy possessions.... OK, it didn't quite all fit in the trailer, but my dad did a great job of loading the trailer, truck and my car. We played one final summer smackdown of Settlers (dad won) and went to sleep early so that we could leave before dawn for LA.

We planned to leave around 5am and actually got on the road about 5:30. It was a good drive, but long (7 hours total) and we got to LA around 1pm. I got my paperwork and keys and we started unloading. It took a long... long... long time. Not quite as long as it took to load, but way harder work. By the time we were done unloading we were exhausted and hungry. However, we wanted to drop off the trailer before we ate. UHaul gave us a drop off place in Santa Monica, and so we eventually made our way out there (got a little lost) and when we got there the parking lot was blocked off!~ Ugh, what a hassle - when I called them, they told me "there wasn't enough room" for our trailer! You can imagine how frustrated we were. So we got some snacks at a gas station and headed to the next location given to us (I had recalled UHaul). That happened to be near my parent's hotel, so we parked and got them checked in. You can imagine at this point we were all a little cranky and still really hungry... but, Ikea was only open until 9pm, and it was already 7, so we decided to head there and eat while we shopped. Well, it was the last day of a three day sale, so it was crazy, but we got the things that were urgent (i..e my bed!) and decided we were too tired to eat there. We left Ikea at 8:30 to head home.

(Bet you didn't know you were in for this much detail when you started reading, huh!? I figure this is what I would tell someone on the phone, so you're getting it here).

While mom and dad looked at the bed parts, I ran to the local grocery store (Ralph's) and picked up some food to eat. I got back and it was 10:30pm. So we were all exhausted, I couldn't even think, I was so tired. But we decided we were too tired to put together the bed, so we ate a little and said goodnight.

Tuesday was a better day - I got up early and unpacked the kitchen, and mom, dad and I went to breakfast at this little bakery down the street. Then I went to get a parking permit, while mom and dad started on the bed. When I got back.... turned out one of the pieces was damaged so we had to go to Ikea AGAIN to exchange it. We had a really nice early dinner at In n Out and then got back home and finished the bed - thankfully. It was quite an experience to get it all together. My folks were supposed to leave around 3pm... but instead left at 7:30!! I am so grateful for them staying so much later than expected to help me get the bed together. That task alone was too much for one person!!

Since Tuesday, I have been running errands and unpacking. I did some shopping to get a few things (storagy) that I needed to make the apartment work better, got my bruin ID card, and have put together my desk area. I am almost ready to take some photos and share my apartment with all of you!

The loft bed was a little scary at first, to be honest, but now that I'm more used to it, the little wiggles it makes when you get on it aren't such a big deal, and it certainly expands the space I have! I think I'll enjoy my little desk area underneath it, and my little living room is looking great. I have a gas stove and oven and that is taking some getting used to, but by next week, I hope I'm an expert!

Final couple things: I am planning to start BSF this week, if possible. There is a Young Adults class (can barely believe I still qualify for that class!) on Tuesday nights, so I'm excited to get started and meet some people that way. I have made a couple new friends and hopefully will continue to get to know people better. And I think I'm going to make it a "regular date" to go to the corner bakery on Friday mornings for breakfast.

Photos to come. Thanks for your prayers.


Erin said...

I love reading your adventures Tiff!! I'm sure going to miss our coffee dates! I think of you often...I hope I'll see you again soon!

fblife said...

I LOVE corner bakery! I'm praying you find awesome friends.