Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What do I do all day?

Well, I thought I should do a mini photo retrospective of what I do and where I do it. :) So that people can put me in my context. This is especially for my friend Anne. I'm not sure if she's reading my blog, but its helpful for her to have an idea of where I'm sitting, or what my room looks like.

In the morning, I get up early (6:30-ish am) and go in the pool to work out. My mom joins me (except right now she has a bum knee so its harder to get in and out of the pool) and we chat while swimming and walking around the pool. Its not bearobics, but its nice, cool, and pretty, and its better than nothing. :)

I often sit out on the patio and read for a little while after swimming, to dry off and enjoy the cooler weather with a cup of coffee. Its about 82 degrees when we go outside right now at 6:30am, so its nice to relax outside before it gets up into the 90's and 100's. I recently finished John Adams, the biography by David McCullough. It was EXCELLENT! I am about to start "My Antonia" by Willa Cather.

After outside time, I sometimes head into my room to sew, watch TV, play on the computer, or just rest. My room is nice and cool and its best to go in there from about 2-4, when the skylights in the living room make the room almost too hot to sit in. Its nice to have a table where I can set up my sewing machine, and in the picture of my bed, you can see four small pillows - I made the pillow covers after I found the fabric in the colors I wanted my bedroom area of my studio apartment to be. Later my mom and I found the fantastic duvet cover (that matches perfectly) at Anna's Linens for just $20! (including shams).

When we are all in the living room, and even when its just me, I often sit in the "King's chair" - we call it that because technically its my dad's chair (and my mom's chair we call the Queen's chair because its overstuffed and luxurious). Dad sits on the reclining loveseat with mom, most days, and my brother in the Queen's chair, so I was relegated to the brown chair, but even though it needs breaking in (and I am doing by best this summer to do it!), I like sitting there. Its comfortable to recline and type, has a lamp and end table next to it, and is out of the way of the fan my parents turn on at night to blow on them (I hate air blowing on me!).

Finally, here is the dining room table. Yes, its a dining room table, in our dining nook, but mostly its a game table for my family. This is where the (almost daily) "Smackdown" takes place. Usually its Settlers of Catan, and the board is always set up and ready to play. We each have our seats. I sit in a chair with arms, in the back corner - because I'm the littlest, and so can get in and out easier than anyone else from that place. I have been winning much more than I expected recently, so that is fun. I said I wanted to have a tally of games won on the fridge, but it only got a 50% vote, so I guess that is out.

Anyway, I also have a babysitting and housekeeping business and starting next week will work about 15 hours a week as a babysitter for two families, helping with the kids - nanny-like, while they do other stuff around the house. It will be nice to get out of the house here a little bit, and earn some spending money.

That's it for today, friends, make it a great day!