Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quickie: The Friends God Sends

The name of the bible study we are doing at church is called "The Friends God Sends" click on the title there and you will go to to where you could buy the study if you were interested.

Our women's ministry director, Jennine, has really personalized all the reading part of the book to be about her experiences (since she is leading the study and reading it to us), and then we work together at tables to fill in the blanks (or on our own).

Anyway, one of you asked me if it was a book or some kind of study. Its hard for us to tell, because they give us each week's lesson when we arrive, and it just goes in our binder. But when I searched, this appears to be the study. Its by Beth Jones, who started a church with her husband in Kalamazoo.

Enjoy - the study is only $8 plus shipping.