Friday, June 13, 2008

First Post...

Hi Friends and family!

Welcome to "Tiff's Life Now" - its just like "Tiff's Life in Greenville" and "Tiff's Life in Waco" but better.... because its PERMANENT! Aren't you so glad? I am. It was getting exhausting to move my blog every time I moved and so at the risk of being accused of not caring about the future or the past (at least not in my title), I am debuting "Tiff's Life Now" this summer.

I cannot guarantee that I'll post daily this summer, but really - why wouldn't I? I have nothing but time unless I get a job.

On the job front: I interviewed recently with a banking company (whose name rhymes with Smells Largo) but apparently was not hired. I think the temporary nature of my employment ability was the deciding factor. Today, I sent in my resume to Kelly services and hope to get a few opportunities through them. I'm also going to apply at, and send an email to the director of women's ministry at my parents' church and make myself available for odd jobs. We'll see what turns up.

In a more alternative way of getting some income, I am working on a few other things (my friend Shawn Brown doesn't read this blog, but if he did, he'd be really proud of this!). I have some books listed on (books they wouldn't take back at the bookstore), and am going to work with "" by experiencing products and then blogging about them. That's neat, because if I like them, you'll know and can try them, too. I'm also considering some other ways that I can use the internet to earn some money. Its possible I will start secretly selling things that belong to my parents (it's debatable if they'd notice!). :) Probably not, but that would be funny, huh!

On the life front: I recently picked out a new duvet cover for my apt. I think I like it, but I'm still reserving judgement. What I did like, for sure, was the store where we bought it... Anna's Linens. Mom thinks its an outlet for Linens and Things, and it might be. All I know is that this Wamsutta Duvet set (which came with cover and two shams) was only $20... regular $50 - woohoo!! They have a ton of inexpensive, nice linens - check it out if there is one near you.

If I get around to it later, I will take a pic of the duvet cover.

I've also been sewing - I am making some pillow covers for the 14" fleece pillows you can get at Ikea real cheap. They are in the colors that will be the theme of the apt - teal, dark green, lime green. I'm having fun sewing again, and am also considering making a quilt. If only things didn't cost money! :)

This weekend we are headed to Laughlin, Nevada, to meet my grandparents at Riverside Hotel and Casino. We are excited to see them, as the six of us haven't been together since Christmas - and haven't been to Laughlin together in almost 5 years. I am really excited, because we are celebrating Father's day AND my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. I'll take a photo of them and post about them next week.

That's it for today. In future blogs I will be talking about the summer bible study I'm in, and what I'm learning.

I hope you are well!


Sarah Gail said...

Love the new layout. And I'm having a Bitter Betty moment about your duvet cover. I decided I wanted a new one, but thought it would be cheeper to make it. I definitely spent more than your cover would cost new. :( And I have to do labor to finish it. Oy!

:) YAY Kelly Services!

BrightHairMel said...

I have a quilt idea. YOu should have each of your blog readers mail a quilt square to you (with a color scheme of course). Your kid friends in San Antonio can design something really neat, and then other friends can send you something simple. Then you quilt it all together and you have a cheap interactive activity.

Love the blog!

Use it for good and not evil. ha!

fblife said...

let me know if you need babysitter references!