Sunday, June 29, 2008

Latest projects

Here are some photos of my latest craft/sewing projects. I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, because during the school year I don't really get to do anything like it. I've also been reading a lot. I've read John Adams, My Antonia (by Willa Cather), and a few Nora Roberts romances. I'm thinking about reading A Tale of Two Cities next, but we'll see.

This pic is of three little aprons that I made for one of the families I nanny for. I tried to get the pic to be rotated correctly, but its too late and I'm too tired to now delete it and rerotate it. Anyway, I made these little craft aprons with princesses on them, and then the girls got to paint them and personalize them. The two girls I really babysit (2 yr old Lauren and 4 yr old Olivia) really loved them. The older sister (10 yr old Ali) is NOT into princesses, it turns out. She painted hers fully - covered the princesses completely in red paint. Hilarious. She is apparently into dogs. Thankfully the mom reimbursed me for all the materials, so I felt totally OK about all of them painting them however they wanted!

My mom and I were in Joanne Fabrics and she saw this cute material for a sun dress that is already elasticized. I had noted it before, but wasn't sure if it would look OK on me (that style is sort of hit or miss). So she convinced me that I should give it a try, and this fabric was pretty cute, AND it was 50% off, so the whole thing only cost me $9!! :) I had her pin it on me, I sewed it up and it was ready to wear in 10 minutes. I actually wore it to church today with a little white short sleeve top underneath.

These two aprons (above and below this caption) are where I've been spending most of my time. The pattern is a Simplicity pattern that I got for $1 during a really good sale. I love aprons, but I hate things that go around my neck, so I'm always looking for a good smock-style apron. Well, they are hard to find, and expensive, so I decided that for fun it would be cool to make my mom and I matching aprons. I wasn't going to make them matching, but was trying to save money by just having them cut one really long amount of fabric... long story short, I didn't get the discount I expected, so I could have given us different patterns. :( However, my mom is really excited to have matching ones, and they are both unique, so its neat. Hers is the one above, with the white binding and blue ruffle. Mine is below, and has blue binding and a white ruffle. They each have a little pocket, and mom's is blue with a white scalloped part in front. Mine is blue and patterned, with a coordinating ruffle. We are very excited about them!!
(you can't see on mine, but the top of the pocket, above the ruffle, is the matching daisy pattern, so the pocket is still nice and deep, but we didn't want the blue to be overwhelming by having the entire pocket in blue.)
Here's my mom, modeling her new apron. I told her I wanted to take a picture and she said, "Hold on!" and went and grabbed some props! She is holding a measuring cup and a spatula and has her reading glasses on. Isn't she adorable!

Next up, I'm making a few quilt squares from a kit and I'll see how I like doing it. More important than crafting this week... is cleaning. I need to spend some time this week on my bedroom, getting it back together and organized!

Make it a great week! (I'll write soon with a post about a "Friendship Workout!")


The Bullards said...

Looks like you're having fun! :) I LOVE the dress. What a great idea... and so cute. Okay, I miss you. Hope you're well.