Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A funny moment from Ellen

See friends... I'm trying to placate you with book reviews and funny videos until I stop running around so much and have a minute to update the blog. There are awesome updates to come, though - maybe tonight even! But classes started this week, so its been intense. But tonight, perhaps I will take a minute as SYTYCD runs in the background to post an update of my aunts' recent visit.

In the meantime, enjoy this funny game between Ellen and Heidi Klum (I love Heidi, though I do NOT love the outfit she is wearing here. She looks like a polka dot marshmallow with no hands)


Sarah Gail said...

I think Ellen practiced. And Heidi's outfit is awful, you are soo right.

The Bullards said...

That is pretty funny. And Heidi should get extra points for telling her baby not to cry. Ha.

Sarah said...

it's.....awkward girl!!!!