Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review: Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

This week I’m reviewing a fiction book by Denise Hunter called “Seaside Letters.” It’s the story of Sabrina and Tucker, who live on the small island of Nantucket. Sabrina works as a waitress and serves Tucker (a captain of tour boats) every morning at precisely 7:10. It also happens that they have a vibrant email relationship, but under pseudonyms. Sabrina knows its Tucker she’s communicating with, but doesn’t think that he would like her as much if he knew it was her.

Yes, it sounds confusing. And if you’re me, you think, “Golly, why don’t you just say, “its me!” And frankly, a few times during this story, I wondered that. Stop messing around people. Let’s just get honest with each other and tell what we know! Because of this, the story seemed a little slow to me (which sometimes can happen when the reader is in on the secret). But the characters are well-written and Tucker especially, is an engaging and worthy “hero” of this story. And in fact, after a couple chapters the story picks up and it turns out there are many more secrets the reader has to discover. Most of the plot twists are surprising and inventive. In all, I enjoyed the book – it was a quick, fun read that took my mind off my own life; just what I want a romance novel to do. It had a pleasant amount of romance without being trashy, and I thought the chemistry was well-written between the characters. Four seashells out of five.


The Bullards said...

So are you and Carrie A. reviewing the same books? I'm confused.

I would probably like this book, but I should probably read the books I bought earlier this summer before I buy any more.