Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's the haps!? July Edition.

Well, I was on a roll for a while... but then life ramped up and went crazy and while I was living it, I kept forgetting to update the blog.

Here are some pics from the last three months. Stories may come, I'm sure, over the next few weeks. Now that school is starting, my life is slowly getting back to normal (until November - but that is a post for another day) and so hopefully that means more posts!

In July, some friends and I took a girl's weekend trip to Santa Barbara. It was my first time there, and I loved the town!

My friend Chelsea turned 30 and we took in some hilarious improv comedy.... it just so happened that one of the actors was that guy who plays "Gabe" on the Office - so that was pretty sweet! (the next weekend on a hike, I ran into one of the other actors - LA is a small world)

I discovered the Venice Canals. Now one of my favorite places in LA.

And most excitedly, I traveled to Greenville and celebrated the marriage of TJ and Emily!! It was a great celebration of God's goodness and reunion of friends!
 (above: the happy couple)

(below: some of the gals at the wedding reception - dancing fun was had by all!)

(below: some of my favorite former students - we were so happy to be reunited!)

(below: shortly after this event, Heather ("old roommate") would get engaged! Our happiness here is almost representative of how happy we are at the announcement of her engagement!)