Monday, October 11, 2010

Rearranging (my secret love)

If you've ever lived with me (and most of you haven't) you would know how much I like to rearrange furniture. Since you generally have to live in the same location for at least a year and often much longer, rearranging makes me feel like I"m in a new place. I love that with 30 minutes or so of work, you can gain an entirely new perspective on the room: what you see, what you don't see, and how much space you have.

On Friday morning, I helped my faculty advisor set up the reception hall at her Temple, for the luncheon that would follow Saturday's Bat Mitzvah. Afterward, I had to stop by Joanne Fabrics for some ribbon and then I knew that I should do some work on my conference papers.

But I had a wild hair (that's what we call it in my family at least). I had a vision for how the living room could be rearranged and I was unable to resist the siren's call to rearrange. Seriously, impulse control when it comes to rearranging is a weakness for me. The real problem is that I am the most effective worker when I am inspired, thus if I am inspired about the room, I need to just do it. The same is true with my writing - if I'm not inspired, it is drudgery and does not go well - however, when I am inspired, or have a vision for what I'm writing, it flows like crazy. 

Well, here is a short video tour of my newly arranged living room. I'm not 100% sure that it will stick this way for three months (which is how long I have lived in the apartment and thus how long the original configuration lasted) but I do think that it will last until after Thanksgiving, as it seems to give a lot more space to the living room, where grama and I will be sleeping when I host the holiday weekend events.

What do you think?


Candice said...

Looks great! I like the open feel when you walk in. But even more impressive is how clean it is! Nice. Also, are those movies on the left when you walk in??? If so, I will be in movie heaven when I come see you!

Tiffani R said...

Indeed - that is the movie center. I got mocked recently by a friend because there are a good amount of movies which are not yet unwrapped - but I figure if someone wants to watch it, we'll unwrap it! :)
I look forward to being in movie heaven with you. First movie: Legally Blonde. Second: Clueless. Then you choose the next two!

Jessica said...

A wild hair? Hare?

I have always been so amazed by your penchant for re-arranging! I wish I had it. Or that Joel had it - haha. (Embarasing to say, but you could probably walk into #5 at the Quad blindfolded and still find your way around just fine...)

PS - Tiny is exceptionally cute :)

Mel Gruver said...

I like it! But then again, I don;t know what it looked like before. haha Little known fact about college-aged-mel: my roommates planned a redecorating intervention and "surprised" me with a redecorated/rearranged living room. IT was a hard moment, but in the end I liked it! I think I only like rearranging if I'm in charge of it...does that make me a control freak? haha

Tiffani R said...

I understand that feeling, Mel! I'm sure that if I walked into the apartment and it was rearranged without my input I might be uncomfortable. You're right... its probably a control issue for both of us! LOL!