Monday, July 5, 2010

Epic UK Road Trip: Volume 3

We left Cambridge early on Wednesday morning, headed to the Lake district of northern England. I didn't know much about this part of England except that it would be hilly and pastoral and that Jane Austen's heroines (and other 18th century characters) love that part of the country. Candice and Matt packed the trunk impressively - we had some coolers with food and drink. all of our stuff (well, all of our stuff except Matt's, as his bag was still AWOL), sleeping bags, towels, and more. It was incredible.

the trunk, magnificently packed

The drive to the "Lakes" was really fun, the landscape was beautiful, the sky was clear and blue and the Happy Honda was running like a top. Eventually we arrived at Thornthwaite Farm, home of the Fell End Barn - where we would be staying the night. This stone barn is set in the middle of a sheep pasture (there is a stone wall surrounding it, but sheep just outside the wall, baaa-ing all day/night - very cool) and has running water and a little bathroom and even has mattresses for people to sleep on top of (with their sleeping bags). There was a fire pit, picnic tables, and we were the ONLY people staying there that night! (It sleeps 8, but there were no other campers that night)

Our little traveling companion - the President of the USA!

The camping barn - left door is "bedroom" area, right door is bathroom. Kitchen was further to the right.

Matt and I, excited to be at the barn and seeing sheep and rolling hills.
After we unloaded the car, we set out on a walk around the area. We followed a road for a ways and then began climbing up the side of this hill. Eventually we came out on top - we had a 360 degree view of the area, even though we weren't very high - but the other mountains were far away, so we were the "highest" for some ways. It was just breathtaking. I could picture people walking across fields to their neighbor's houses; could imagine different characters from books  running across hills. The sun was still high, even though by then it was like 7pm and it was just beautiful.

the view from the top

travel buddies!

the view from the barn in the morning
The barn from the hill behind it.

When we got back down to the barn, we built a fire and enjoyed some really delicious vegetables and soup cooked over the fire. Because we were so far north, and it was close to the solstice, it stayed light till super late and we just enjoyed getting caught up with each other  and goofing off. A great start to the vacation.


Shannon said...

Two words.

Fun and Jealous.

Okay that's three..but and shouldn't count. :) I can't wait to read more about your adventures!