Monday, July 5, 2010

Epic UK Road Trip: Volume 2

On the way back to Cambridge, we stopped at a cute little pub on the side of the motorway, The Turnpike! We had our first pub food and beer and enjoyed being out in the great weather and just getting caught up. Candice and Collin did a really good job of keeping me and Matt from being too jet lagged.

Our first (of many) pub meals.

The President with our first English beers!

We were so excited to be reunited that we took a round robin of pics! Somehow we did not get girl-girl/boy-boy pics, but those would come later.

Upon arriving in Cambs, we toured the town, made some great fajitas, and worked on planning the trip a bit.

The walk around town was especially fun as we toured a number of colleges (well, their gardens) that are a part of Cambridge University, we got to see Collin's desk at Tyndale House, and we saw Isaac Newton's "Mathematical Bridge" (not pictured in this post).

Collin is a part of Darwin College.

The river behind Darwin College - punts and bridges and gardens - so sweet!

Walking along Cambridge at dusk. Beautiful!

Good buddies.

I loved seeing people punt on the river!

The University Library at Cambridge. It is a copyright library which means that it has a copy of EVERY book published in the UK!

The beautiful gardens at one of the colleges. The grounds of the colleges were exquisite.

Trinity College (maybe?) quad.

Where the magic happens!: Collin's desk at Tyndale House

The beautiful view from my room at Collin and Candice's house. Such a sweet little English townscape, I thought!

It was a great start to the trip (even though we were still fighting with American about Matt's missing bag).