Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Fun! (its video time again!)

Well, I had been looking for this video for a long time in my house and just couldn't find it... until yesterday when I was doing a bunch of spring cleaning around my house and happened to locate the DVD in my desk.

Anyway, in spring of 2008, Kathryn and I applied to be a part of the Amazing Race (season 13). We made this really funny (to us) audition tape, but alas we did not get chosen. While our fingers are still crossed that someday one of the producers will pick up our tape, watch it, and say, "WHAT?!? We need these women on the next season!" - it seems unlikely.

So in the interest of "fun friday" and entertaining my loyal readers (that's you...) - here it is. Kathryn and Tiffani's Amazing Race Audition (the extended version).

special note: the actual submitted version did not have the middle spoof, because the whole tape could only be 3 minutes, plus it was much better edited than this version which cuts off at the beginning in a few places. Also, in order to do the credits, I lost a wink at the very end, which is a bummer, because it was funny. Nonetheless... enjoy.


The Bullards said...

LOL! So fun. I cannot believe they didn't pick you two!! :) This may have inspired me to post our Amazing Race audition video....

The Bullards said...

Okay, I just watched our video... and it is ridiculous!! Wow! Okay, I don't think I'll post it on our blog... have you seen it? I'll send it to you for laughs if you haven't already seen it.