Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Visit of 2010

My parents live really close now, so it shouldn't be surprising that they got the honor of the first visit of 2010! This time they arrived on Thursday afternoon and stayed through Saturday afternoon. As usual, we had a really fun visit together! The first night we ventured to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills where we met up with some of my LA friends. Then we got caught up together over dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.

On Friday we headed to one of our favorite LA destinations: Universal Studios. Yes, I've been there a bunch, but its fun every time! (and we got our annual passes for $40!) Afterwards, we went back out to Universal City to see "The Book of Eli" at the theater there.We sat in the balcony, which was great. Finally, we ended up at Panda Inn and really really enjoyed the Chinese food there!

This time we went to the "Animal Actors" show, which was really fun.

I ran into Matt Damon...

And my parents ran into Diego and Dora.

While I was there, I figured maybe I could hook a date with a tall guy!

My dad and I pretending to watch a Dodger game.

Saturday was a day of new adventures.... I had told my parents about The Getty Museum and they enthusiastically agreed that we should check it out. We figured we'd spend about 3 hours there and then head to the beach for a little while (they love getting beach time in) before they went back to Phoenix. We clearly had NO IDEA how extensive and awesome the Getty would be. In fact, it was a really incredible place - we took a tour of the highlights of the museum and it was a fascinating hour long look at medieval, baroque, and rococo era artwork and furnishings. We also toured the gardens, which I loved even in January and can't wait to see in the spring!

One of the clocks from Louis XIV regime -
I loved how they put up damask wall coverings in these rooms.

I love Impressionism and was excited to see this Cezanne among other Impressionist works.

The maze at the base of the gardens.

My mom and I.

My cute parents!

Me and dad

After the Getty, we ended up having just enough time to eat lunch before sending my parents back to Phoenix. We were bummed that we didn't get to relax at the beach at all, but as it was they didn't get home until 11:30! It was a great visit, and hopefully the first of many good ones for 2010!


Carrie said...

That maze looks awesome! :)