Monday, February 16, 2009

My new favorite snack: Margarita Popcorn!

Hello friends!!

I've invented a new snack. Yes, I'm sure someone else invented it before me, but since I made it up without knowing if someone else invented it... then I feel like I get to say I invented it. :) Anyway, just in case, I googled it and it doesn't show up, so I'm standing firm.

Well, its the easiest thing in the world, so I'll tell you how it came about to make this post worthwhile.

I love popcorn! Stove top, please, not microwave. My friend Liz turned me onto it when we were in Greenville, and now I've made all my friends and my family addicted to it, too. Its cheaper than microwave, and without preservatives, etc. You can make it with or without butter and its good either way. I like to use Sea Salt because it has a little stronger flavor - when I was in TX we often made it with just a little salt, and sometimes parmesan cheese, but over the summer I fell back in love with a teeny bit of melted butter, too.

The other night I was making some popcorn and a glass of ice water. I was thinking, "Hmm, I think a little lime in my water would be delicious tonight!" My friend John in TX loves lime-water and after staying there so often I sometimes make some of my own. Now John and Karen always have a bottle of lime juice in their fridge for this purpose, but I have "True Lime" - which is like lime juice, but in dried granules. You can get "True Lime" "True Lemon" and "True Orange" - for a free sample of each, click here. So I was tossing some in my water and mixing it up as the popcorn was popping and butter was melting. I read on the bottle of True Lime that you can use it for a salt substitute - which I thought was odd, but it started me thinking about my favorite tortilla chips - you know the Tostitos Lime tortilla chips?! The ones that at first taste kind of weird because they have lime and salt but after a few chips you can't put them down....

I suddenly thought to myself, "I wonder if I added lime to my salted popcorn if it would be like those chips?" So I took about 1/2 the popcorn, added some butter, salt and a few shakes of the lime...

DELISH people!!! I've decided to call it "Margartia Popcorn" - and I'm telling you, if you are in the mood for a new, fun snack..... give it a try. It is so delicious, I'm snacking on some right now. I think that you may even end up eating a little less salt because the lime sort of makes all the other flavors more intense.

Thats all for now - happy President's day snacking!!


fblife said...

I really hate to burst your bubble, b/c i am totally going to make this popcorn...but there is a microwave version. Salt and Lime in snack packs. I love True Lime, I use it in my ice tea all the time. I never considered it over popcorn, thanks!

Mel Gruver said...

Okay- so I am also a friend of yours who is a super fan of lime lemons for me! I'm excited about your popcorn discovery.

Also- if you are ever in a bind- stovetop pocorn TOTALLY pos in the microwave. Just stick it in a brown paper bag folded over a couple of times and listen for the seconds between the pops. Or you can just stick it in a bowl, and have a good show. :)

Our roomie, Sarah, did not believe me and thus would not trust her microwave with me and the stove top popcorn, but I really ain't lying. :)

Liz said...

Hold true to the stove TIFF! We are the protectors of the one true way ;-) BTW have I ever told you about the yumminess of White popcorn. If you ever get the chance to buy white, purple or blue popcorn, do it. The kernels are sooooooo tender. You'll be in popcorn paradise :-)(you also won't want to go back to yellow!)