Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Fun (first in a series of friday funs?)

I'm going to try something new - every Friday to post something that makes me (and hopefully you) laugh. Now we all know how bad I am about doing things regularly, but I'm still going to try....

Sometimes my friends find really funny things on facebook, and this morning I happened across this video of a little girl narrating a story about kittens and it was so funny, that I wanted to share it with you - faithful readers - in honor of Valentine's Day (or Friday the 13th - whichever).

Anyway, Tonight I am headed to an engagement party of one of my former youth group girls. It is awesome that she and her family live down here (in orange county) and so I get to participate in things like this! Late tonight my parents are headed up from Phoenix so that we can enjoy a visit together tomorrow. I'm especially blessed, because its valentine's day and I love them - so won't it be nice to spend it with them! They leave on Sunday morning before church because dad has class on Monday.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have other interesting updates for you.

In the meantime.... This is a book about kittens, inspired by kittens. For your friday fun:


Jenn said...

SO funny! made my day...thanks friend :)