Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Awesome Wedding Album!

This weekend I had some free time, and I decided that one thing that would bring me great joy was to work on our wedding photo album. Shutterfly had a 20% off deal on photobooks, and Curby said it was OK if I had a million pages... So I did it!! I actually think we'll end up with a three book series - 1) the wedding album, 2) engagement photo album, and 3) prewedding and reception posed and candid photos.

I love this album. It's 12x12 and has a hard cover and so that feels really fancy, and I can't wait to see how it turns out in real life.  (I know I could have done an actual "scrapbooked" album, and I like doing that kind of thing sometimes, but I was so excited to make it look as professional as our photos look!"
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Candice said...

Love it! You did a good job on it. We made a few random photo books like this and I love to look through them, so I imagine a wedding one will come in especially handy. Hmmm... maybe I should dig out my pics from our wedding and do this. They are all prints (none on a computer) so I would have to scan them all, but would be worth it to have the book.

fblife said...

this is GREAT!!! SO awesome you get to show it off too!

Tiffani P said...

Thanks ladies!! I love that there was an option to "share" the album, and we got a $10 off coupon for sharing it on the blog so I was like "ok, twist my arm!"

It makes me all sappy to look through it and see our friends and family and remember all the moments.

Candice, you should totally scan the pics. It would take a while to do it, but you could just do it slowly and even design the pages of the photobook as you upload them. And then you'd have a great keepsake AND your kids will love seeing your wedding moments!

You can do one for ASHER, too. They have great idea books - like ones that are called "On the day you were born" where you talk about all the things leading up to your kid being born and stuff - and then you can transition them to a new baby with that book - not that you are in that position yet. LOL but in the future! :)